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#WarmBeatsForColdStreets is the creation from the warm hearted mind of Zach Karuzas aka Kruza Kid, co-founder of The Mile High Sound Movement.  Starting a few years ago during the colder times of the season, we would use our shows at Cervantes to accept warm clothing donations, bought a bunch of crystals at the gem show and  had a silent auction at the show to raise money to buy ingredients for soup.  “We are very fortunate people, even when we are struggling, we have opportunities to help others, and it’s very important that we continue to do that”, says Karuzas.  Fast forward to this year at the hottest time of Summer, late July, and Karuzas grabbed our other co-founder of MHSM, Jay Jaramillo aka Project Aspect, to join him on the streets giving out bags of lunch to the less fortunate.  Karuzas having just suffered a great loss in his family, still wakes up inspired to help change the world day by day, carrying on his fathers memory with as many good deeds as possible.  Our fellow singer, songwriter, hip-hop artist and producer, Kruza Kid, has his music career developing before our eyes. We are proud to have Kruza as a friend and as a partner of The Mile High Sound Movement.

If you would like to participate as a sponsor or volunteer please contact Zach Karuzas at


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