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Unlimited Gravity and Ross Pennock collab to produce ‘Lime Light’

Just released today by MHSM Records, the track ‘Lime Light’ produced by Unlimited Gravity and vocalist Ross Pennock. This is not the first time we’ve enjoyed a collaboration from these 2 artists, UG remixed Ross’s hit single ‘Don’t Stand Still‘ in 2014. Their next project together was on a track called “Worst Ways” that was released on Ross’s Soundcloud in 2014 as well. The great story about this new track released today is that it has been ready for quite some time but never released. The original track is from the French producer STWOwho released the stems for his song ‘Eden’ to the public for a competition. Lime Light is a remix put together by UG x Ross for the competition and we decided to release it for you here today!

Ross can be credited for putting together the official music video paired with this track. Music video directed by Olivia Carmel, shot by Luke Askelson. The music video features the lovely Fallon Gyurko as well. See the video below.



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