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Unlimited Gravity – Slosh Mode EP

Let’s cut to the chase, Unlimited Gravity’s newest release “Slosh Mode” is out today. You can download the album for FREE here – SLOSH MODE on Bandcamp.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably safe to say that you’re familiar with the Mile High Sound Movement, and their collective of artists that have been invigorating the Denver electronic music community and beyond for close to a decade. You’re also likely familiar with the crunchy midrange and sub-driven movement that has established Ronnie Weberg as a household name in the glitch, bass, and dubstep community. If you’re looking for enlightened progression through sonic vibration you’ve come to the right place.

The EP

Swerving through this EP you’ll find more than just artifacts of Unlimited Gravity’s eccentric take on bass and harmony. His approach to crafting an emotionally engaging narrative draws upon both his use of creative synthesis and his convictions for writing musically rich compositions. In an environment that can often be diluted by the production world that we call EDM, it’s refreshing to hear live synth lines and chords that resonate with a human touch.  

An Insider Perspective from Unlimited Gravity:

“My mindset for the album was to go big or go home.  I didn’t want to hold anything back and wanted to put as much energy into the compositions as possible.  ‘Slosh Mode’ is pretty much the feeling you get when something super dirty and musical hits you, takes over, and really makes you feel like yourself. My mission for this release and upcoming shows is to bring out that O.G. in everyone, and to move people in a way that uplifts and enlightens them from the inside out.”

The Unlimited Gravity Experience

You can get the Unlimited Gravity experience throughout a dense schedule of summer tour dates alongside some seriously huge stages and events including The Untz Festival, The Unified Field – Sonic Bloom Pre-Party, and Digital Rising Festival. Many of his dates including long-time collaborator and partner in bass Project Aspect, known by their collective stage name and Unlimited Aspect. Unlimited Aspect is gearing up for a high intensity Summer while headlining small festivals such as Digital Rising Festival, Branch Out Campout and also returning to the East Coast festival, FARM Fest



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