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It’s been too long since we have had an EP release from Unlimited Gravity. With over a decade of experience as UG, we’re stoked to have some new music to bump. His style has evolved so much over the years, as many of the best musicians in the EDM scene have done. Always keeping us wanting more music. With nearly 100 MILLION plays and streams across various platforms, we think Unlimited Gravity has earned the title of a Demigod.

Part 1 of ‘Demigod’ demonstrates his talent for blending multiple EDM genres, techniques, and keys into his music. An electronic fusion of hard hitting drops, some melodic sounds, and womps to make the speakers rumble, ‘Demigod’ gives us an experience that we can dance and head bang to. The perfect release for 8/08, bass day!

Five dynamic tracks, each bold and explosive, heavy and emotional making an instant impression that UG is still a force to be reckoned with, now as much as ever. UG has been pushing the boundaries of Electronic music for over a decade with his signature, ever-developing sound design and high energy productions.

In order of release, the songs start out mellow and lead up to hard hitting wubs. ‘Steeze Manifesto’ has been played lived in Unlimited Gravity’s sets for awhile, so this one sounded familiar at first. Always a crowd favorite, so we’re excited to be able to listen whenever we want.  ‘Retro Dreams’ showcases UG’s talent on the keys, while starting to mix some melodic dubstep into the notes. ‘Where To Go’ picks up the bouncy pace right off the bat. ‘Peekaboom’ is UG’s heaviest hitting song to date. The trap, glitch hop and dubstep sounds are all rolled into one so you can completely immerse yourself in a head banging session. ‘Unforgettable’ rounds off this release with a nice blend of drops, vocals to lead us into part 2, and softer sounds to bring us back to reality. 


‘Demigod’ in its entirety is going to showcase the raw emotion that Unlimited Gravity possesses and is able to convey through several mediums in the musical world.

Join us at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver this Friday August 9th for the DEMIGOD EP Release Party featuring Unlimited Gravity, FunkStatik, MZG, Mom N Dad, and Since JulEYE.


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