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It’s no secret that Ronnie Weberg, known as Unlimited Gravity, is about to reach his 10 year mark performing as UG. To commemorate the last decade, he will be performing where it all started, at Cervantes’ in Denver, CO. Joining the celebration of the anniversary, Wick-It The Instigator, Beak Nasty & Notorious Conduct will all be performing alongside Weberg at Cervantes’ Other Side this Friday April 14th. Humble, open-minded, and truly connected to what he believes in, we sat down with Weberg to talk about the last 10 years for him, his music, and his undeniable artistic touch, turning everything he creates into gold through the power of the universe and the positivity that he attracts.

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1. Wow, 10 years… Congrats! What advice would your present-day self give to your past-self (10 years ago) about becoming Unlimited Gravity and taking on the EDM scene?

UG: Thank you so much! It’s been an incredible journey and learning experience. The best advice I could give to myself or anybody starting in this scene would be don’t do what your heart isn’t into. When it comes to writing music, playing shows, anything, make sure you’re sticking to the integrity of your artist. 

2. What was the first show you ever played as Unlimited Gravity? How have all of the shows leading up to now changed you and your music?
UG: The first show I ever played was in Cervantes masterpiece ballroom, in 2007, and since then I have learned such an overwhelming amount. From how to perform and present my music exactly how I feel it should be presented, translating every last bit of energy I can, to making sure I’m taken care of as an artist and making sure that my environment is completely comfortable and ready for the experience I’m about to create. 
3. When did Unlimited Aspect evolve? How has the “live band” facet influenced Unlimited Gravity’s style?
UG: Unlimited Aspect started when Jay (Project Aspect) and myself collided in 2008 and then we scooped up our drummer Steven Kuzma a few years later, it just never stopped evolving from there. The band has influenced me in incredible ways. Not only have I learned so much from Jay & Kuzma as far as musicianship and production techniques go, but both of these incredible souls have taught me how to step outside of the box in my own musical process which has helped me grow in every way.
4. You played Coachella almost exactly 4 years ago, was that a huge turning point as an artist for you to play a festival that big and influential?
UG: Coachella was an incredible experience for me. It was a huge turning point for me and my first real taste of just how gigantic the music business is and can be. The connections I made there and the music I got to witness changed my outlook as a musician and on life in general. I would love to go back. 
5. How would you say the Colorado music scene has changed since your stepped up to it?
UG: This music scene is a beast with a mind of its own, it is growing and evolving everyday and it’s so fun to watch. I’m honored to have stepped in early and kind of help shape what it is and I’m honored to be able to provide the opportunity to other musicians and artists to fully take advantage of it, through our record label and production company.
6. You create beautiful jewelry and pendant pieces as well… How does your musical outlets inspire those creative projects? In their creation, are they similar in anyway?
UG: Thank you so much!! They are very similar, both process are very chaotic in the composition process and all come together in the fine tuning and polishing process. They feed off of eachother a lot and both inspire the other in odd but exciting ways. 
7. How has your musical style and the way you like to spin changed within the last 10 years?
UG: Oddly enough, my style of live performance has only refined rather than changed in anyway, the main thing that has changed is how I produce and compose because that’s where the vision of my love performance comes to life. That’s where the quality control is. 
8. Where do you see The Mile High Sound Movement, the artists, its influences, going in 10 more years?
UG: I see this family doing nothing but growing and flourishing. I see all of the artists continuing to grow and help each other reach the top and hopefully one day we have a full blown festival showcasing everything this family has  to offer! 
9. Your spirituality shows through your art… what’s the best advice you could give someone struggling to find the importance of positivity and the Law of Attraction?
UG: That’s a tough one, because everybody has a different perspective on life, like a fingerprint, and everybody likes to think they’ve got it figured out lol. The one thing I could advise is that people just open their minds to new ideas, try to take a moment every day to focus and align yourself with everything you want your life to be. That’s the most important part, knowing what you want your life experience to be like, and then just living in that vision. Staying positive and focused will do SO MUCH for any bodies we’ll being and livelihood. 
10. What keeps Unlimited Gravity fresh, inspired, and ready to create endlessly?
UG: I’d say the biggest thing keeping things moving and keeping things fresh, are me just trying to constantly learn, keeping an open mind, and constantly trying to portray my current emotions through art. We are all constantly changing, growing, and learning, and by staying in the moment and harnessing whatever is current, the creations will always be endlessly evolving. 
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