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Unfold Music Releases ‘Alignment’ EP – Best Work Yet

Having the pleasure to watch UNFOLD_Music grow into what it is today has been enticing, especially in this state of temporary attention spans. We are blasted with so much content every day that it’s hard to focus in on one particular artist, band, or even single song. This three-track EP titled Alignment gets straight to the point. It doesn’t dance around the fact that they want to be in your ears

The first song “Melt” does just that – makes you liquefy in an uncanny, but versatile atmosphere with the dynamic sounds of bells making it feel almost eerily haunted, but magical. The rhythms are blurred into a type of reshaping synchronicity, with a one-line punch repeating ‘That’s why’, “Melt” inhibits you from not wanting to listen to this entire track. The groaning synthesizers make this beat badass, blunt and incredibly enjoyable to groove to.

“Moon Walk”, the second track on the EP, could seemingly be used as the actual anthem to the famous dance move. This space-like flow makes its waves through horns, deep synths, and a fading static feedback. Dark and light trade places throughout, almost like an ode to our recent planetary phenomenon, the Solar Eclipse.

The last track on the quick, but influential EP “Samurai Swing” is the most vigorous of the three. With a dreamy tempo that drifts into a grimy ballad, the complexity of this song is not lost on its listeners. There’s a story to be heard here if you pay close attention and indulge yourself in its laconic tempo.

Don’t miss your chance to see UNFOLD during their three-night run with Marvel Years and Mikey Thunder in Grand Junction at the Mesa Theater, Durango at the Animas City Theater, and then back to Denver to play Cervantes’ with SoDown.

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