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It’s a beautiful Sunday in Denver, well deserved after the blizzard this week. As the ice melts and the changing season is fragrant in the air, I open another quick EP while sitting out back, taking in as much vitamin D as I can. Telemetry has gone in a new direction with their newest and evolved EP “Night Drive”, “while still maintaining a deeper meaning within each track”. The title track brings the electro-funk , reminiscent of Lotus. It’s 7 minutes of pure dance music with a few vocal/audio samples mixed in. The keyboard and synth jump out with energy, while the drums bring the rhythm. The breakbeat can’t be beat!

You may recognize this electronic bands name as they have played at numerous local venues including The Bluebird and Cervantes, as well as festivals such as Arise Festival. They were also announced to be on the Sonic Bloom 2019 lineup, and had their first Denver headline show at a packed “Your Moms House” last weekend on March 23rd.

The next song, Tusk, starts a bit slower, more melodic, with a leading guitar, a bit sad. It quickly builds in intensity as the guitar wails. Vibrant island vocals give it a bit of an electro-reggae flair. By the end the song is both beautiful and hopeful.

Two Skies the final track, is a bit more spacey, and reminds me of STS9. I almost immediately hear what sounds like the optimistic words of Alan Watts, and I hear the omniscient voice say “two skiessss”. Shooting stars or shooting lasers, I’m not sure, but either way it’s amazing.

The music fades beautifully to an almost quiet whisper, which the drums quickly wake back up with a speedy tempo that gets the blood flowing, and my feet tapping on the grass once again. It’s that ability to capture the audience to an almost silent but concentrated moment that really exemplifies the talent of this 3 man band.  

Telemetry playing a packed house for their first Denver headline

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