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ProJect Aspect Releases 6th Studio Album “Sync About It” on MHSM Records

Ten years ago ProJect Aspect began a beautiful journey in the musical realm.  Coming from humble beginnings as many musicians no doubt do, PA has truly remained a humble part of the Colorado music community for the past decade, which is challenging in any industry. The electronic music scene is saturated with musicians, who seem to come and go. Jerry Jaramillo, aka ProJect Aspect has maintained his reputation over the past decade and has leveled up with the elite. To celebrate his ten year anniversary, PA is releasing his new full length concept album “Sync About It” across all platforms. True to the ProJect Aspect style, the album in its entirety takes the listener on a journey of emotions from beginning to end with intense depths of sounds new and old, multitudes of layers, and a satisfying auditory experience. 

A quote from PA about the album and what it means to him: “It’s a journey about finding the light within the darkest times and finding synchronization with the universe even when the closest people seem disconnected. It’s about self growth through troublesome times and making the best of a bad situation. It’s about getting up and over personal conflicts and finding love within yourself when you can’t seem to find it from anyone else.”

Beginning the album “Prepare for Impact,” an intro-style fresh remix of the past PA song “Colorado Does it Better” and what sounds like a new mixture of the sounds in “Poppin at You” from the old Unlimited Aspect album. Combining an original guitar riff with a reggae vibe plus an epic solo, it’s obvious ProJect Aspect has brushed up on his guitar skills that are raw and flawlessly executed throughout the song and duration of the album. The guitar solo in the seventh track on the album “Another Night Ago” brings a Umphrey’s McGee inspired jam-band vibe into the electronic mix like nobody has mastered before. Get your rage face on, rocker hands out because the build up into it will get you moving. 

Midway into the album, “Kartwheels and Kickflips” featuring Ryan Viser and Clark Smith from DYNOHUNTER, conveys a sexy twist mixed with horns and a groovy vibe of instruments and an epic echo panned through the speakers encasing the listener in a vibrant space of happiness. Trippy mic champion, Kruza Kid, is featured on the track “Fell into a Dream” that melodically combines the lyrics and flow from the brilliant lyricist with light bass sounds bringing the listener into a dream state of mind.

In a 2011 interview with memekast, ProJect Aspect stated his music is “the biggest opportunity to express the rawest of feelings and lay them all out on the table.” Before we had to interpret these feelings with only sound, now we can hear the passion behind his creations in his own words. “Let Me in Your Love” is a new part of the aspect, featuring lyrics and vocals from ProJect Aspect himself. A delicate testimony of the love he can and is willing to provide to a special someone. 

It’s highly recommended to listen to this album in it’s entirety first, and then later come back to the parts that resonate within you. Alive with sounds, a listener will hear something new each time and the experience will feel distinctly unique each time. Ten years of sounds, emotions and wisdom present themselves in a truly impressive and unique form for the music appreciator.

The ProJect Aspect album release party / 10 year celebration is taking place tonight at Cervantes’ Other Side paired with Luke The Knife & Friends, Kruza Kid, Mikey Thunder, Jordan Polovina and a Patio Silent Disco. Free entry w/ a costume before 9pm


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