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The 4th Annual Suwannee Hulaween With Some Colorado Flavor

Halloween time is just around the corner. Soon the leaves will turn, the weather will be cool and crisp. Delectable Fall aromas will fill the air, as well as heaping loads of bass of varying FREAKquencies, at least for those attending the fourth annual Suwannee Hulaween. Vibes, tribes, ghosts, and ghouls will flood the spanish-moss draped scenery of The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park yet again for this spooktacular event, hosted by The String Cheese Incident, that has grown vastly popular in just a few short years. This sudden success comes as no surprise when you look at the legendary names that have graced the sacred Suwannee grounds since the introduction of Hula in 2013 – including STS9, Big Gigantic, Emancipator, Thievery Corporation, Shpongle, Pretty Lights, Primus, Griz and Odesza just to name a few, solidifying the event as one that integrates a multitude of genres and attracts patrons from all over the country.

Silver Wrapper and Purple Hat Productions are pulling out all of the stops to ensure that this is the most extraordinary musical extravaganza to date in Hula history, and they have curated yet another incredible lineup for 2016, including some names from the OG Hulaween and other iterations of the festival. As always, The String Cheese Incident remains the constant in the equation, as the band is scheduled to perform all three nights. SCI has been the main attraction year after year due to their enormous fan base that travels far and wide to witness their eclectic and energetic live sets that fluctuate between a staggering amount of genres – one minute they are strumming out some bluegrass and folk-inspired tunes, then reggae, then they transition to live renditions of EDM tracks. Their success among festivals like Hulaween and Electric Forest can be widely attributed to their ability to keep people on their toes from the beginning to the end of their sets, and will continue to return to these renowned events year after year.

Jamtronica act Sound Tribe Sector Nine will return to Suwannee for their third Hulaween appearance since the band performed at the inaugural event. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing STS9 play, you know that they don’t disappoint. Each and every Tribe show is fascinatingly different than the last, they tweak their tracks so that every live version is slightly different from the last, and their funky fluidity is unparalleled on stage. They have performed extended night runs at notable venues such as Red Rocks Amphitheater and The Tabernacle, as well as an impressive amount of festival sets from all over the country and beyond.

Making his debut performance at SOSMP, Gramatik’s smooth and experimental style of electronic dance music is sure to pair perfectly with the naturally soothing ambiance of Suwannee, so it’s no question that anticipations are running high to see what the producer and founder of Lowtemp Records has in mind for his set.

Last year, Lettuce funked things up at Hulaween just as they always do on Suwannee grounds or anywhere they step foot, and the soulful orchestra will return to do the same this year, bringing with them their signature and wildly energetic stage presence that they always bring, and of course, a whole lotta funk. Speaking of funk, John “JMac” McCarten and Jake Barinholtz AKA Manic Focus will be serving up an extra live set, jam-packed with the glitchy, hip-hop inspired electronic music that the dynamic duo has become known for within the festival scene. Another talented duo coming from all the way over in Belgium goes by the name of Ganja White Night, and odds are you’ve heard the fuss about these guys after they destroyed Mysteryland recently, packing out a field in the blazing heat for one of the earliest sets of the day. Their music is a blend of psychedelic, grungy bass with some serious wobbles, all executed in an overall warped and distorted manner, perfectly eerie for Halloween weekend.

SunSquabi from Boulder, Colorado is coming in hot to Hulaween in 2016, having just released a new EP entitled ‘Odyssey’ on All Good Records that features tracks with the label’s founder, GRiZ and saxophone connoisseur Dominic Lalli. Their shows are an experience in themselves, and they possess a sound that integrates old-school funk and uptempo electronic beats, all brought to life via live percussion and guitar. Also hailing from Colorado, Denver to be specific, is Late Night Radio, a producer that seamlessly merges hip-hop and electronic music together, adding a jazzy twist here and there to smooth things out. The list of talent within the Hulaween lineup, both renowned and up-and-coming, goes on and on.

Enjoy this playlist of our favorite tunes from the performers at Hulaween this year!

The String Cheese Incident
Sound Tribe Sector Nine

The Mile High Sound Movement & Unlimited Aspect

Every year has been one-of-a-kind, but last year we received an extra special treat during the silent disco, as Colorado natives and front-men of The Mile High Sound Movement, Unlimited Aspect, made their Suwannee debut and brought the heat to the forest for one of the loudest and most live performances ever heard through headphones. Comprised of Ronnie Weberg AKA Unlimited Gravity (Ableton, keys, vocals), Jay Jaramillo AKA ProJect Aspect (Ableton, guitar), and Steven Kuzma (drums), Unlimited Aspect has proven to be a national force to be reckoned with. A trifecta that battles and defeats musical boundaries – but first and foremost, UA is a tight-knit group of friends that dig deep to the core of glitch and bass music to go where no musicians have ever gone before, organically, hence their unquestionably distinct styles. This year, Unlimited Aspect is bringing even more heat to the Sunshine State, where the live electronic trio will perform with zero restrictions at the official pre-party, performing alongside massive groups such as Umphrey’s McGee and Eoto. If you ask us, there’s no better way to start the shenanigans than to jump head first into a world of ground-shaking bass lines and scorching synths, served up mile-high style from some of Colorado’s finest. Despite their demanding schedules that consist of being stuck in the studio and on the road, we were able to catch up with the boys and discuss the anticipation of returning to Hulaween to kick the weekend off.

Interview With Unlimited Aspect

Farm1MHSM: After throwing down for a mob of people at Hulaween last year at the silent disco, you guys are coming back for round two of Hulaween. How does it feel to be returning to one of the most unique music venues, Spirit of the Suwannee, especially as Hulaween flourishes to become one of the biggest festivals held there?

UA: It is an honor and a dream come true for any musician to have the opportunity to perform at Suwannee. We are very grateful to be performing two years in a row, which is something special in itself. Our experience last year was absolutely amazing, the silent disco had more energy than we could’ve imagined and to be returning to play an amplified set, along-side such an outstanding line-up is an honor.

MHSM: With this being only your second Florida tour, what would you say is the biggest difference or challenge you guys face when you perform so far from your homes in Colorado?

UA: Well we love going to new places to share our music, and we are definitely excited to be returning to Florida. After touring almost every state in the US and some cities in Canada, we’ve definitely learned that no matter where we go, there will be someone there to listen and connect. The biggest challenge is sometimes running into music scenes that haven’t created much attention for the different kind of EDM/jam band energy that we create. It can sometimes feel like we are starting from the ground up, which in itself is definitely a challenge, but also makes it incredibly rewarding as we accomplish more and more each year.

MHSM: You guys brought the madness to the silent disco last year for Hulaween, yet this year you’re playing live and direct from the pre-party where you’ll share the stage with known industry acts such as Umphrey’s McGee, Eoto, Ganja White Night, Late Night Radio and more. Do you plan your sets differently when you are preparing for a silent disco set rather than a full-blown live set at festivals?

UA: Honestly, I don’t think it matters where we are playing, or when we are playing lol, we simply just can’t hold back. Whenever we perform we try to put out the highest and most vibrant energy that we possibly can. We want people to reach a peak of happiness whether they are listening in headphones or feeling the music and bass throughout their entire bodies. ONE LESSON LEARNED though, don’t hype scream into a microphone in a silent disco, unless you want to see everyone in audible pain all at the exact same time. Oooops.

At the same time, it is nice to have a big stage and more production to include our live (in your face) instrumentation! It’s going to be more of a band this time around, with of course, a healthy dose of BASS!

MHSM: You guys will be spending some quality time with Eoto in the coming dates, as you guys just performed as support for the live-electronic duo this past weekend at Mishawaka Amphitheater in Bellvue, CO, a venue that appears to be considerably comparable to Suwannee with the outdoor amphitheater approach. Would you consider Mishawaka a sort of Suwannee-of-the-Mile-High area? Also, how does it feel to know you’ll be playing alongside and in support of the legendary members of Eoto twice within a few month span?

UA: The Mish is a very special place, we’ve been attending shows there since around 2007-2008. It does have an incredible vibe, being outdoors and right alongside a beautiful river, however it’s capacity is roughly 1000 people… which in comparison doesn’t even put it on the same scale as the entire land that is Suwannee. Both are incredible places to experience in their own respects.

Eoto has been an amazing influence and good friends of ours for a long time. At Sonic Bloom about 6 years ago was the first time we all connected and since then Jason Haan has remained a good friend and mentor. We are absolutely stoked to be playing more shows with them as we also think our styles are very similar when it comes to live performance and the energy we create. It’s a great fit if you ask me, and it’s an honor to be supported by, and to be able to perform with such outstanding musicians.

MHSM: Since last year’s Hula, you guys have been back and forth between the studio and the road, producing new originals and solo albums as well as remixing like crazy. Rumor has it you’re in the works of finishing a new Unlimited Aspect album, can we expect some of the fresh ‘pinkies up’ goodness at Hulaween?

UA: ABSOLUTELY YES!! The rumors are true, we have been hard at work making sure this album is the next level of perfection of BASSASS. We want it to be a masterpiece and in order to make that happen we have been performing it live around the country to make sure it’s what we all want. We will be bringing the smooth sexy heat to Hulaween and we can’t wait to share all of this new material we have created. After all, that’s the best part! Bringing it to the stage!

For more information on Suwannee Hulaween, visit their website at

Keep an eye out for a Florida tour from Unlimited Aspect before the festival kicks off.

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