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Back at it, Melody Lines is coming at you with another captivating beat that will
have you crawling back for more. Melody Lines really hits the mark on this one
with some fresh new samples and recordings that have been strategically layered
on top of one another to create this uplifting, groovy, beat.
The duo is consistently stepping out of their comfort zone and exploring new ranges of digital
music. Vinny (producer/guitar) actually teaches students about music production and one student
came across a sample that Vinny wouldn’t have typically used, but something
about it caught his attention. After putting it together with a few other
recordings they had. They had finally come across the vision for Sunflower.
They had been wanting to make some songs that were happy and joyous but
wanted to still be avoiding the common cheesiness that can come with producing
upbeat songs. Once they found the right beat it all came together and thus a
Sunflower grew. What a perfect time in the world for such positivity!
What are you waiting for? Listen to Sunflower NOW in the links below!


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