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With just releasing his newest EP ‘Against the Odds’ on March 19th, 2018 on all major platforms. Colorado Native and MHSM artist, Lucid Vision (Dalton Kieta), is bringing melodic beats, funky tones, and pure soul to Spring of 2018.

Lucid Vision gave a sneak-peek of the EP by releasing the track ‘Be Silent’ on Soundcloud prior to the release date. Dalton said, “What influenced the EP’s name ‘Against The Odds’,  stems from the idea that against the odds of existence occurring, it is happening and occurring, and bringing something from nothing. And with nothing but intention, comes energy, and focus.” It was this state of mind and viewpoint that helped create the masterpiece, ‘Against the Odds’. Mixing together light sounds and live guitar, to hip-hop beats, and funky feels. This EP is one of a kind, and we are looking forward to hearing more!

Get it here – Against The Odds EP

 Lucid Vision has been working hard on releasing his next tour dates, so you can experience ‘Against the Odds’ live.  He will be kicking off his spring with Dimond Saints, and Godlazer at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado on March 22nd. Then traveling into the mountains to headline at Schmiggity’s with Toruga in Steamboat Springs, Colorado on March 29th. Be sure to catch him at Spread the Word Festival 2018, at the Fox Compound in Denver. But that’s not all, Lucid Vision has been announced to the artist lineup of Colorado’s local festival, Sonic Bloom.

 Lucid Vision says some of his biggest accomplishments in the past year, was recently being nominated “Denver’s Best DJ” by 303 Magazine. And the celebration of his 2nd sold out show, at the BlueBird Theatre in Denver, Colorado in January of 2017. We are looking forward to seeing what Lucid Vision’s biggest accomplishments of 2018 are going to be, and the ever growing library of funky-fresh beats he will continue to release.

Against The Odds on Spotify

Against The Odds on Soundcloud

Lucid Vision performing at Spread The Word Festival

Lucid Vision performing at Sonic Bloom Festival

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