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MHSM Records is excited to announce that the Denver based Live Electronic duo, Spectacle, has released a new Single with MHSM titled “Dreaming of Brazil”. Spectacle has been friends of ours in the local community for years. We are constantly inspired by their ability to push creative boundaries with their cutting edge live performance to pair along with their carefully crafted studio work. Jessica and Michael are among the top tier of gifted musicians that we know of and we’re thrilled to be partnering up for an official release with MHSM. 



In my final semester of Jazz Guitar studies at University Of Colorado Denver, I started studying music with a new guitar mentor. He had traveled to Brazil to study a new style of jazz called Bossa Nova. You all know it well, as “The Girl From Impanema” the Stan Getz version is the song that inspired me the most, I encourage you to give it a listen. The sultry sax, Latin rhythms, and smooth nylon string guitar resonated with me, and I was hooked instantly. I had even thought of visiting brazil myself one day to master that music, whilst sitting on the soft beaches soaking in the sun. Spectacle has always been a jazz/classical infused electronic project, but we had never incorporated Bossa Nova until we got booked to play Lightning In A Bottle (the sunny state of CA was a great debut). The origin of the song was actually written more than a year before the release. It wasn’t till the world was restrained to non-essential travel, did my urge and passion towards visiting those beautiful tropics of Brazil respire. Jess and I chatted and decided to finalize the song, but throughout that process it hit me. I would not be visiting Brazil anytime soon, but I’d never stop dreaming…. (Michael Lee Mahan)

Special Thanks:

Bill Kopper (Bossa Instructor)

David Bernot (Lead Sax)

Brenna Bigelow (Vocals)

Dylan Vessel (Trumpet)

Homemade Spaceship (Mastering)


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