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Sonic Geometry - Islands of the Blessed


Now Available on California Based Label ‘Street Ritual’

Last year we added 11 acts and artists to our MHSM Artist collective, among these we have Sonic Geometry who you may or may not have heard much about in the past.

Street Ritual’s Album Description:

Sonic Geometry (Denver, CO ) released his first official debut EP, “Islands of the Blessed”, via our friends in California at Street Ritual. A departure from SG’s previous singles of rock-fueled, glitch & future/electro funk, Sonic G takes us on a chill-out and psychedelic expedition into an astral dive where an amalgamation of deep sub bass, exotic melodies, rich textures, alluring rhythms, & guitar leads come to life. Echoing, layered, & aquatic atmospheres reveal a new found vision as lucid triggers are felt within emotive and spiritual elevations – it’s an entrance into timelessness. Experience a transformational shift through sonic time travel, experience a fresh and evolving state where ambience will trigger conscious & creative breakthroughs.

Sonic Geometry was founded on the sole principle that technology shouldn’t be a crutch, but a launchpad for the advancement of creativity, expression, and artistic innovation. A guitarist/producer, Andy Beyer creates a genre­ defying sound, setting a new standard of what an audience should expect from their electronic music producers and live bands. With an elaborate array keyboards, controllers, and traditional instruments, he takes us through a never­ before­ heard musical world of melody, groove, glitch, and improvisation that constantly expands the limits of what we thought musically possible. He founded Sonic Geometry in 2010 with a band that would later split off and become rock outfit Technicolor Tone Factory. The group explored new ways to perform live music using cutting edge digital sounds and tools. Going solo with Sonic Geometry, over the years, Andy has developed a unique performance style involving live sampling, live instruments, and improvisation. That style has never stopped evolving, constantly expanding the limits of what we think is musically possible.


Keep an eye out for much more to come from Sonic G this year as he is hard at work to bring this project to the next level.

Be sure to check out the Sonic G track that we released last year – “Hyperspace Glitchbomb”


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