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2016-06-16 - Sonic Bloom Instagram

The Mile High Sound Movement at SONIC BLOOM 2016

The lineup of the 2016 inauguration of Sonic Bloom is looking better than ever. Returning to their second year at the beautiful Hummingbird Ranch, the fest this year features pleasant Summer weather and a lineup unmatched by any previous year at Colorado’s favorite electronic music festival. The Mile High Sound Movement is bringing a rich roster of talent back to the festival this year in full force, bringing more up and coming talent than it ever has before with a slew of dynamic performances from the individual acts and collaborative performances. MHSM showcases their musical variety and creative genius that the label is bringing to the nation’s electronic music scene.

The Mile High Sound Movement is excited to introduce the MHSM Orchestra to Sonic Bloom. The MHSM Orchestra is a ‘super-jam’ consisting of a different roster of MHSM Artists for each performance. The roster this year is consisting of members from Unlimited Aspect, Dynohunter, The Dirty Gemstones, Evanoff & more. Make sure to catch this rare collaboration with so many talented musicians and members of the MHSM Collective.

2016-06-16 - Sonic Bloom MHSM

Of the many MHSM acts gracing the stages of Sonic Bloom, not many other artists have poured more blood, sweat and tears into making the MHSM organization what it is than Cloud-D. Not only is he the 2nd longest tenured mile high artist on the Sonic Bloom roster, but he is also their chief graphic designer. He is bringing his unique brand of psychedelic bass music in full force this year. Cloud D has had a devout cult following in Denver for years now and we don’t get to see him perform often enough, that gives us that much more reason to get down to this underground staple of the Colorado music scene even more. Make sure to catch his set, he pours his heart and soul into every piece of content he creates, and is surely not a set to miss at Sonic Bloom this year. Rumor has it that he also designed the new MHSM-Grassroots California hat which should be available soon.

Live jungle-house music kingpins, sound design wizards, dance party creators and all around awesome dudes, Dynohunter will be throwing down their biggest Bloom set to date this year. This power trio continues to exceed expectations of tight, well thought out electronic productions combined with musical virtuosity. The group is led by Clark Smith, who has been described by many as boasting the sexiest saxophone lines in modern house music. Dynohunter has been putting in due work for years to bring their audiences the best musical product possible. Don’t underestimate dudes that hunt dinosaurs… these guys mean business. They will also be performing at The Untz Festival in Mariposa, CA two weeks before Sonic Bloom.

Of all the MHSM artists on the Bloom roster, production guru SoDown has probably had more of a meteoric explosion into 2016 than any other. He recently headlined a sold out show at  Cervantes Other Side, and has released more tracks so far this year than many artists do in an entire calendar year, all with top shelf production, stylistic variety and the musical taste of a seasoned vet. SoDown often uses his highly developed ear and knack for quality to play live saxophone into a highly progressive sonic palette that continually redefines our perspective of what bass music can be. Be sure to also catch SoDown at Arise Music Festival in Colorado.

The Dirty Gemstones are the collaborative effort between MHSM co-founder and fluid rhymespinner Kruza Kid and vinyl scratching Brisco Jones. The relatively new group is quickly becoming an MHSM favorite, and maintains a quintessential Colorado krunk vibe combined with well thought out word-smithing and warm, fluid vinyl DJing. These guys have been on the scene separately for years and the MHSM community couldn’t be more excited for their burgeoning collaboration.

Psychedelic bass music artist Cualli has been pushing the envelope of sound design and genre mashing before it exploded into popularity in the last 5 years. He has an extensive catalogue of music and an ever evolving sonic perspective. His drippy, glitchy and dancy beats overlaid with live guitar and synths creates a dynamic live experience with keen creative songwriting that stands from the average. Fans of Tipper, Kalya Scintilla and Desert Dwellers will be huge fans of this set.

The last, but definitely not least MHSM act gracing Sonic Bloom with their presence is the currently blossoming live electronic rock trio Evanoff. Self described as “Dream Rock,” Evanoff has really found their own unique voice in the past year, mixing lush electronic production and guitar effects with an ethereal but hard hitting electronic exploration into the rich realm of raw rock and roll, which until recently was largely missing from our Colorado music scene. featuring creative songwriting, live interplay and and musicianship that continually wows audiences and has earned them spots at numerous festivals across the country this summer including Electric Forest in Rothbury Michigan, and The Untz Festival in Mariposa, California. These guys continue to dial their sound in more and more with every passing day, and our bound and determined to bring the spirit of rock and roll back into modern electronic music.

Join us this June 16-19 at Hummingbird Ranch in Spanish Peaks Country, Colorado. See for all of your ticketing info

Here is a Soundcloud playlist of the MHSM artists performing this year!

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