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The Unified Field – Sonic Bloom Pre-Party – Review

It’s the Pre-Party Post review, and you know I never lie.  Sonic Bloom is around the
corner, 34 days to be exact, not that I’m counting. But as the anticipation increases with each passing day,
Cervantes gave us a taste of what is to come. Hat pins and pashminas as far as the eye can see in a crowd
of friends reuniting and getting ready to groove. I see a Sub.mission shirt and even a MHSM hoodie. It’s a
duel venue show with a stacked lineup and the who’s who is here to get down.

MHSM act Melody Lines packs out The Other Side to start off the night. Moontricks got the crowd moving with their unique electronic-folk sound. Ill-esha brought an energetic bass heavy set as Denver has come to know and love. kLL sMTH has been on fire lately and brought the same energy back to Cervs after playing his last string of Denver shows at The Black Box.

Over on the Ballroom side, Shlump sets the stage after a beautiful aerial artist parted the crowd for an amazing set break
performance. The lights go down, the screens turn to black, and then we see the soft cursive black and
white name in lights. He’s also in all black and white, with a dripping 3 rd eye Bart Simpson tee on. He
cues the hardstep and invites the aliens. The man next to me smiles behind a facemask. Shlump mixes
into “Lit” and the lights and lasers fade into a fire red as everyone sparks up. Signs around the room
remind us there is “No sage or palo santo burning”, but nothing about weed.
The heavy smoke in the room brightens the lasers coming from the stage. They beam directly to the
bottom of the 2nd floor, illuminating the level and also changing the view dramatically from each. We
wandered from front and center to the 2nd floor each set for a change in perspective. As much as I love
looking up into the lights, it’s incredible to see the sea of people below a laser wave. The oversized disco
ball spinning in the center of the room with be getting no love tonight.
Shlump asks us if we “fuck with those low frequencies” and the room almost deadens quiet with such
low a frequency you can feel it in your stomach. Music is hitting a whole new level as technology
advances far past stringed instruments and even our beloved 808. The girl next to me sings “BUMP
BUMP BAMP” as if they are lyrics she’s memorized. These are music lovers.
This will be my 4th year at Sonic Bloom, and as some of you know I’ve been unifying that field since
before I lived in Denver. It’s just a much shorter drive to do so now. Sonic Bloom truly is a magical event
year after year. Memories of hearing Tippers crickets in the night, STS9 entrancing us all, Yheti playing at
“that bus” as the sun rises, hugging the Funktion Ones, a wetter creak, and Break Science fill my mind
Adam and Borahm of Break Science, have been around the block, as have the best of us, and have yet
to let up or let us down. The new Coded Theory translated beautifully live. Jamie Janover came out to
take it to another level and even spoke about the unified field, Borahm reminding us to follow this
impressive man, and even giving him credit for the incarnation of Break Science “10 or 100 years ago”.
They also played their collaborations with Griz, Manic Focus, and many others, sadly not present. The
crowd dances playfully with one another and hoopers to the sides of the stage lead the way. The songs
range in style but Adam stays killing the drums. Each song more powerful with his live presence. Both of
these guys are a talent in and of themselves and often play live with other bands such as Pretty Lights
live band and Lettuce.
Borahm grabs a joint and they walk off at 1:45am but no one makes a move. They come back to finish
the night with some softies that have myself and others singing and swaying closely to the groves.
Everyone’s arms are either up in the air catching the last of the night’s vibes floating up there, or around
their partners. It’s a beautiful calming blue toned sight from the balcony as the night ends and we all go
home to dream about doing it all again under the starry night skies at Hummingbird Ranch.

The final lineup for Sonic Bloom has just been revealed. Additions included Adam Deitch for a solo set, Um.., Sonic Bloom Orchestra, and a round of locals performing Tweener sets on the main stage including MHSM artists CatParty, Melody Lines, and Patrick Skyler!

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