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Ryan Viser Debuts ‘Volumetric’ EP with MHSM Records

Ryan Viser’s new EP Volumetric, out May 23rd on MHSM Records, brings listeners through a four-track odyssey with sounds similar to those of Pretty Lights and GRiZ with his trumpet-laced bass, analog features, and hip hop and blues samples.

The first track, Silence, is uplifting, groovy, and energetic. The use of horns really bring it full circle and the looping of a woman singing is beautiful, full-bodied and has a little bit of old-school jazz vibes. It blends classic music and modern day electronic melodies together in an authentic way.

Next on the track, What It Means, is electronically focused, up-tempo, and fiery with a guitar solo as the center focus throughout. It’s amplitude doesn’t step back at any point – it bends in and out, begging you to feel the hymns.

N-Vision slowly pulls you forth, then drops a heavy dubstep beat in your face. It’s intense, angry almost, but expressive, and will undoubtedly pump anybody up. It cross-switches abruptly and changes shape, keeping you focused on the many sounds.
Last on the EP, History Will Judge, starts with a crescendo horn-driven note. It then goes into a layered hip-hop verse that comes out of nowhere and fits perfectly with the rhythm of the song. History Will Judge radically ends Volumetric, making listeners anticipate more of Viser’s musical vision.

Check out our interview with Ryan Viser

1) Ryan, your beats are described as “trumpet-laced bass”, which is so dope and perfectly fits the sound… how else would you describe your music?  

RV: It’s kinda all over the place.  I dig a lot of the upbeat funky jams but I also like dabbling in the heavy world a little bit.  It’s pretty much a melting pot of a lot of different styles with one constant being a lot of trumpet going over the top of everything.

2) When did you start playing trumpet? When did you start incorporating electronic music, horns, guitar, and hiphop/blues samples all in one?  

RV: I started playing when I was 11 and living in Brazil.  I played all the way through college and then put it down for a while.  When I moved to Louisiana, I was really inspired by the style of playing down here and got the horn back out.  Started hitting some local jams and the rest is history.

3) What artists inspire you the most?  

RV: Anybody who’s doing what they love and inspiring others by playing the music they feel inside.  As far as the trumpet goes, pretty much anybody out of New Orleans.  Those guys are a whole different level down there.

4) To remain unique in today’s music world is seemingly difficult, what do you find that keeps you fresh?  

RV: Focusing on new styles of music and definitely sitting in and collaborating with other artists.  
5) Where do you see your music taking you in the near future? Any upcoming shows planned?  

RV: Hopefully to a lot of new and far off places. I just finished a run through Dallas, Lake Charles, and Austin for Shutter Vision Festival. Also, Summer Camp Music Festival on 5/25 where I’ll be playing trumpet for Filibusta.

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