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MHSM Artist, Patrick Skyler, has been using his talents and extra quarantine time to help us all escape reality with his new uplifting EP Utmost.

Check out our exclusive Q&A with Patrick to get into the mind of the creator.



Where did this new album and the name come from!?

Been writing it for the last year. Actually had a different title prior to quarantine, “Destination unknown” , but I thought that was maybe too grim with the current state of the world. Utmost means the most extreme, or greatest. I feel (besides what I’ve written recently) this is my greatest work.

Loving the low frequency glitch hop sound. Where do your musical influences come from?

Lots of different artists. When I first started writing music probably Ill Gates, Tipper, Chris B, Rusko, Opiou,. A few artists that have definitely inspired me the past few years: KLL SMTH, Of the Trees, Mr. Bill, Charles the 1st ,OAKK, Seppa, Detox Unit, KEOTA, Koan Sound, Freddy Todd, too many to name.

I love all types of music though. Hip hop, rock, reggae, anything. I grew up listening to lots of Wutang, Heiroglyphics, Tha Alkaholics, KRS ONE, De la Soul, and other underground hip hop artists. The 1st show I ever went to was Body Count, Guns and Roses, and Metallica. I think I just finished 5th grade. Love Tool, NIN, Gorillaz…so much music inspires me.

Have you worked / are you working on any other projects?

Just some collabs with other producers. Comisar, Fonzie, Mass Relay. I’ve got a collab with The Dirty Gems (Brisco Jones & Kruza Kid) coming out soon on our Mile High Sound Movement compilation.

The album art for UTMOST is incredible! Anyone to shout out?

Matik Design on the Artwork

What motivates you to keep putting on shows?

I love sharing my music with people. It really makes me happy. I haven’t done a live stream super recently since my wifi that is provided by my apartment complex is less than ideal. I’ll definitely have something soon for folks to vibe out, whether it’s a stream or new mix. Now that lockdown is over I’m probably going to go over to friends with a solid live stream connection.

What is a day of making music like for you?

Wake up somewhat early prob 7-8. Start writing sketches of beats, hopefully have 1-2 different ideas by noon. Maybe exercise or ride my bike for a while. Come back and try to form these ideas into a cohesive track that will become a banger!

Who would you next like to collaborate with?

More MHSM homies, KLL SMTH, Of the Trees, Atomic Reactor.

What full album are you playing on repeat right now?

I really like Seppas new album. I listen to Earthgang a lot. They are incredibly dope.

Love the new song Garth Wooks. Hahahh. Where did this name come from?

I’ve got a whole list of pun names that I think of on my phone. Here’s some more: Danghus Khan, Skrrt Cobain, Johnny Derp, Pablo Escognar. The list is constantly growing.

What do you love most about music?

The way it can take me away from however I’m feeling at a certain point and also bring my back to an amazing memory. The way it can heal our souls. The way it brings people together.

How has it been to be a part of the MHSM?

Amazing, these cats are my brothers for real. I’m sure we would have already had a get together for a crew bbq by this time if not for this bitch ass virus. I miss hanging out with them but we will link up in the future and form like voltron again.

Who is your favorite band?

Tool. They blow my mind every time I’ve seen them. Nine inch Nails prob 2nd

What was your first festival?

Sonic Bloom 2009.

Have fun at Sonic Bloom last year?

Incredible times. Too much fun. It was extra special since I got to perform for the 1st time and share that moment with a lot of my closest friends.

Thing you’re going to miss most about bloom this year?

Chilling with my friends for a few days straight. Laughing, having ridiculous conversations… I’m gonna miss it so much.

Thing you’re most looking forward to next year?

I think the vibes will be incredible. Feeling some bass from that vero line array by awaken the night.

Last question, last show you went to?

Dj Z-Trip , Dj QBert, and The Dirty Gems w/ Jordan Polovina at Cervavntes.

Anything else you’d like to say to all the fans reading this? Any last words or plugging you’d like to get in?

I can’t wait to be at a show again and be in that moment with everybody. When we all vibrating at the same frequency! It’s gonna be incredibly special and something that I’m sure I will never forget. Be safe everyone and take care of each other. We all in this shit together! All of the mile high sound movement! I love yall! Cris Bachman thank you for all your work homie!

With shows on hiatus until further notice, we really do appreciate all the music makers and music lovers for keeping their heads up high and their volumes higher. From our family to yours, we love you Mile High.

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