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“Together in Pieces” is a big mood for 2020. As we have all learned how to navigate our new normal, without constant live music for who knows how much longer, Project Aspect has continued to deliver the fun with live streamed sets and is giving us a present for his birthday, a 4 song EP!

I caught a bunch of his live stream sets on the different channels over the last few months. At my house, we opened up the world’s smallest venue with a max capacity of two in the living room during quarantine and one of the best things about this venue is that there was never a line at the bar. The adjustment from being at our favorite venues with full production, to watching from our houses was different but his sets were still packed with the same energy he brings to a stage. Cervantes Bas3 Camp, Party Guru Productions, One Vibration, Black Box and a bunch of other collectives were blessed with live sets from Project Aspect. I didn’t hear the same song twice during the first couple weeks of live streams. It’s wild how much original music he has in his library. 10+ weeks in a row Project Aspect live streamed a set on Friday’s at noon. Kruza Kid joined “Lunchtime with Project Aspect” and they upped their production game with epic visuals. They took us on a bunch of fun adventures like to an 80s workout, on a rollercoaster ride, under the sea and let us hang with some mega babes like Jessica Alba. Project Aspect stepped up the creativity level for live streams, we didn’t get the typical plamp set in the bedroom.


Project Aspect’s dedication to the scene and love for music is pretty apparent. Not only did he provide quality entertainment for the last few months, he is releasing more new music. His birthday present to us “Together in Pieces” is a reminder that even though we are all sacrificing one thing or another, there will always be music to bring us together.

“The music will always be my way of giving back and expressing my heart in ways my mouth can’t say.”

-Project Aspect

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