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ProJect Aspect has released a new EP, Sitting In The Back Of Your Mind, and it will be playing over and over again in your head.

 On his new EP, ProJect Aspect drops the hammer hard with Phat Hammer. The first track sets if off with a multilayer song that seems to transform over each minute. The second track, Fang Holes, combines reggae-tone with heavy electronic sounds. A woman’s soothing yet energetic voice is accompanied by what sounds like a laser gun hitting a steel drum. She sings about DJ’s “going hard”, and this song does just that. The vocals only fade to make room for epic drops and more beamers. The last half of the song seems to take a more electronic dub tone as the song transitions into How We Rock, leading back with a little island vibe, and tying them together. A heavy 808 sound rocks back and forth and definitely makes this the most danceable song on the EP. A solo at around the 2:30 mark strips the song down to the keys and then builds it back up with the re-addition of bass and all the other fancy buttons. Mother Cabrini Shrine, the name of this track, but also a shrine in beautiful Colorado that provides “a unique and peaceful environment”, is a song that between two heavy sets sits a very beautiful melody, with incredibly smooth transitions. Next it’s “game time” and we better “Come Correct”, a song which immediately gives me vigor with horns blowing front and center. It is a hell of an amped way to end an EP, but each song gives its own balance to the album, and with all this extra energy, I click back to the first track for another round.



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