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Following the release of “Sync About It” last year, Project Aspect’s new EP “Dragons” is out now on MHSM Records! The artwork for this album shows two Dragon’s in a fierce battle on top of a castle. Maybe they are fighting for the princess that Project Aspect was trying to show his love to in the last album.

The EP in its entirety does have a heavier and darker feel from the last release we heard from Project Aspect. The lower end sounds mixed into some of the sound collection we know and love makes for a fun tale in the mind. Project Aspect’s ability to blend the hard drops, wubbs and dubs with ease into many different sounds are apparent in this release. The first track on the EP ‘WonkNtonK’ effortlessly sets the listener up for the newer hardcore sounds coming in the following tracks.

‘Slimy Dragon Queen’ starts off with some trap sounding horns, and then blends effortlessly into a glitch mix with lasers and spooky sounding voices. This heavy hitting song is mixed with the perfect amount of spook and bass to rumble your subs with. The end of the song we’re brought back to a faster pace and re-awoken from the trance in the middle. Project Aspect songs all tell a story with a solid beginning, middle, and end. Each song really leaves the experience up to the listeners interpretation, which thanks to the title, has been filled up with slimy dragon battles over castles and princesses in this mind.

Storming the Fortress is a wild blend of Project Aspect goodness that takes the listener on an exploratory quest through a joyous battle of the sounds. Combining all the pieces of his songs that we typically enjoy, and putting a deeper sounding spin on them to take us through this story of the Dragons. As with each Project Aspect release, there are many sounds in the layers that each time you take a listen to this song you hear something you might have missed before, adding the the overall epic sound. It’s like watching your favorite movie over and over again and seeing things you never noticed before.

An epic battle of the listening mind with Slimy Dragon Queens and Storming the Fortress to take back what is presumed to be rightfully yours this EP from Project Aspect does not disappoint. Turn your speakers up and enjoy!

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