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by MHSM Contributor, Carly Bader

O’yea, I’m back and better than ever. I never left the venues; just put away my computer away for a bit. I’m very appreciative to have the opportunity to write for a new company. I’m here with all the same honest remarks and some that should have just stay locked in my head. You may not know this but, I initially started writing about a year ago to get my ass to the only thing that was keeping me happy, shows with my friends. After being let go from my lab music was really my daily driving force. I also filled my time with traveling, including a drive to New Mexico for more music with friends. Meow Wolf with Yheti, gave a new meaning to mind-blowing, if you weren’t there you don’t know. Some time was spent in Utah hiking and slipping on river rocks. Coming back to a cold Colorado, it was the concerts with friends that warmed me. It’s the craze that makes the day so much fun, pre-show jitters, listening to anything BUT that DJ / band/ artist for the day, figuring out carpools, set times, joints shared with new friends made in the lot while waiting on the “late friends”, who show up late. You know who you are. Writing kept my hands busy while the music eased my mind. Since then, I have found my dream job in a cannabis testing lab, and with this new career, very busy hands. But, here we are again. After a run in with one of my biggest supporters, at a concert no less, I was convinced I should start writing again. Give the people what they want.

I’ve never been asked to write a review for an artist I’ve never listened to. Honestly never asked to write a review. It was always me giving my all when I needed a place to put it. So when MHSM asked me to write for their blog, I started my research with their last blog and started listening to FunkStatik’s, Light the Way. I have begun my ritual with Waffle House coffee today. Not sponsored. The magical combination of sativa, coffee, and music already has my fingers and imagination running. The beat right off is grimy, loving it. I was envisioning another All Good Records sounding, good ol’ boy. It’s bassey right off the bat with the song ‘Open Your Eyes’. It’s also quite digital sounding, which excites me to see him, as I can already envision a pretty epic laser and lights show. Something readers may have figured out, I am equally obsessed with in comparison to the music. The Fillmore has the setup, stands, and fans. ‘Keep It Cool’ featuring Benjamin’s Vibe and his positive hip hop vibes. I quickly remember not to dance in my local breakfast spot. ‘Flvrsvr’ plays next, a hilarious song title accompanied by dark basement music. He has a total of 3, eight song albums with 2 others dating back to 2016. As I do a bit more research, I see that he also has single tracks that appear on the annual MHSM compilation albums. Fully sponsored! Damn I love Spotify. He’s played Euphoria, Hulaween, & Arise Festival. The trend of an album a year had me excited about 2019. I take off my headphones for a moment while the woman asks if I’d like a glass of water with my coffee. Probably a good idea, as my blood is normally a 50/50 mix. She adds, asking if I want a straw, we are so environmentally conscious in Denver.

As the Red Rocks season comes to a close, #rezzrocks4eva, we move inside. The Fillmore being one of my favorite spots. We have Brown Note to thank for the epic sound. The album ends and I’d give it a solid 2 thumbs up as I get my second cup of coffee. I decide to go back now to his first song available as I want to see where he’s from. Ironically it’s a collab with Homemade Spaceship, a guy I’ve also heard of. Spaceship brings the aliens and it has a bit of a more experimental vibe. “Oh I think they like me” vocals are sampled giving it a bit of a bounce. ‘If the World Was Mine’ is the next track, and well, if it was theirs, I’d live in it. FunkStatik for president, why not these days? I can tell in the track where each artist fit into the mix, a seamless collaboration emphasizing each style in a back to back fashion. ‘First Connection’, brings the horns to the forefront. OMG please bring Russ on stage! Check back soon for an interview with Russ coming soon on MHSM Blog, bringing you the news and the stoned reviews from me! FunkStatik has definitely blown me away. His sound is one that is emerging in the Denver scene as he will have his first Denver headline show to be announced soon. This sound is one that merges so well with so many others. I’m excited to see what he does at the Fillmore with some of his friends for the low low-price of 20$.

Jaw Gems

I move down the lineup for the ‘Fall Freaquence’ show and check out Jaw Gems, another opener, whose most popular song, ‘Davinci’, is definitely a big name to hold up to, but the play count is doing it justice. There is a ‘Beachkeeper’ remix with The Russ Liquid Test, which reminds me, let’s work on those interview questions while I jam to some Jaw Gems. Say that five times fast. I totally missed ‘Sap Flow’ in a flow of writing but ‘Beachkeeper’ has me checking the song title and clicking that like button as it has beautiful ebb to it, sounds moving in and out in melodramatic harmony. Jaw Gem also has released 3 albums, heavy hitters with 13,14,15 songs respectfully since 2014. Both albums from 2017 titled ‘Heatweaver’, released via STS9′s 1320 Records. The most recent album is all remixes of the previous. FUN! The original ‘Beachkeeper’ is so much slower. It feels physically heavier than the remix. Talk about ebb and flow. That must be such a great treat, making an album and then letting all your talented friends smash it up. That right there is a confident artist. The drums and snare of ‘Party Slave’ along with the electric keyboard sounds so clear and raw. They are really put on display as I feel each sonic drum pound in my headphones, seeming to leave the distortion at home. Although still electronic, the synthy sounds are clear and clean. Nothing too overwhelming. I’ll be looking forward to seeing it played live. This “collective” of “experimental producers” does just that, makes the music. I finish my 3rd cup of coffee, and question why people ever go to Starbucks, the benches and tables at Waffle House are bigger, and so are the personalities. I tip 50% and get a cup to go.

The final opener is Evanoff, the self-proclaimed creators of Dream Rock. There is one live album released in 2018, the rest are singles and eps. I obviously go live, and it brings me back to those Opiuo at Red Rocks 2018 feels. It’s a get down. Guitar riffs right off the bat, big sounds all around. I check to make sure I’m not listening to STS9 after a speedy drum solo. The track ‘Crowd Control’ is going to have the crowd losing it. It gets faster and faster building to a guitar shred and drop. The sound builds over and over. The next song, ‘Breathe Out’ begins, and within the first minute I hear the ever recognizable voice of Alan Watts. His cadence and wisdom are used by many similar artists. The song is beautiful and I decide to delve into their YouTube videos. I quickly come to the conclusion that we have all been seriously sleeping on this band. There is a video of the band covering Deadmau5 to a crowd of about 30 awake during the day at a music festival. The totally synthetic song ‘Ghosts and Stuff’, from one of the godfathers of the EDM scene, now bright with strums and drums. Evanoff’s talent on full display as a worthy cover is played. They beautifully cover STS9’s ‘f.word’ in a video from a “local Boulder house party on an iPhone5” 3 years ago. Colorado truly is the home of some incredible music. I skip over to an Evanoff remix of Illenium (who I’m still not convinced I like), and decide to give it a try. The singing throws me off a bit as it’s the Illenium sad boy singalong I’ve never been a big fan of. The guitar beams through and comes in place of the bass “drop”. The addition of beautiful stringed melodies and guitar riffs add a certain soul. I’m in. ‘Crawl Out of Love’ ft. the beautiful vocals of Annika Wells, was released on the channel Suicide Sheep, who if you don’t listen to on YouTube, you’re crazy. It’s perfect for these coming winter nights next to the fireplace.


Papadosio‘s ‘Fall Freaquence’ event coming this weekend, October 27. The Fillmore will be full of eclectic music ranging far and wide with the friends to match. Halloween weekend on Colfax will be quite spooktacular and I hope to see you all there. I myself will not be wearing a costume as I go to concerts in my most danceable of outfits, but check out our interview with Russ Liquid to find out if he’s going to.



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