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New MHSM Artist, Notorious Conduct, Releases Debut Album – ‘Pushing Limits’


Notorious Conduct – Pushing Limits – MHSM Records

Notorious Conduct Press Photo (1)Josh Berry aka Notorious Conduct, is the newest artist to the MHSM collective and today his debut album Pushing Limits is now available on MHSM Records. An incredible amount of emotion was put into this debut project, which was over a year and a half in the making. Josh is currently in school for sound engineering and has been producing for two and a half years. His influences are by the sounds of Bassnectar, Minnesota, Mr. Carmack, Unlimited Gravity, Project Aspect, Marty Party / Panty Raid along with a strong Rock n Roll background. This album has an outer space theme which you can see immediately from the album artwork made by David Baca. With track names such as ‘Supernova’ and ‘Space Travel’, Josh wants to send a message that the universe holds no limits. In this album, listeners will experience the phenomenon of frequencies coming together with strong emotional bass music that you can feel. Look out for some performances to be announced in Colorado in the near future.

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