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MHSM has been wildly busy with numerous announcements this month! A new connection with Mammoth Music Group and 6 of our artists getting ready for our MHSM Showcase at Electric Forest, the family is bursting at the seams with joy and new music!

MHSM Artist, NADASOUND, has put out his first ever EP after being featured on multiple compilations, and I’m back at Waffle House to take a listen to Mystic Crunk vol. 1.

The breakfast joint is packed, but I find a seat at the bar. A 20something wearing an actual “Waffle House” shirt pays his bill at the counter, and I’m a bit jealous. Hard rep. They are still playing Michael Jackson over the speakers, no questions asked in an establishment like this I presume. I set up, put my headphones on to drown out the now tainted song, and dive into this new EP.

The first track leads with deep sounds, but slides back with a hard hip hop lean. I’ve been told NADASOUND not only makes epic sounds but also does his own visual work. Recently Meow Wolf Denver accepted his interactive “Hall of Illusion” proposal. I just visited the current Meow Wolf recently to see Opiuo, as well as their new installations. It was an amazing road trip, emphasis on the trip, but I can’t wait for our local venue to open. Wonder if he will get to play in his own installation?!

NADASOUND, a man of many talents, as well as a man with a very tall top hat. His Facebook profile pic is a shadowed portrait outlining himself along with the hat, a bit scrunched, reminiscent of The Cat in the Hat, and a lot of hair. The next song, “Puppet Show” brings in this wild and weird element. It’s a bit of glitch hop with some beautiful tribal notes, resonant of Beats Antique. It is almost playful and poppy as it progresses. The EP’s title “Mystic Crunk” is definitely embodied by the songs.

Muggin , hits me hard through my headphones and it is mean mugging.  At about 50 seconds in the bass drops to such a frequency it tickles my inner ear. A synthy sitar brings another depth of sound that lengthens and draws your attention until the last chord of the song. It’s a quick 4 track EP, that ends too quickly so I jump to Spotify.

He has put 3 songs out on Volume 2, 3, and 4 of MHSM’s Mile High Meltdown compilation albums. Low End Caballero on Vol.4 is one of my favorites on the diverse compilation albums as it has a very unique ascending sound. It is much more relaxed than this new EP, almost straddling ambient, but again shows the spectrum of talent from NADASOUND. The low bass and guitar plucking are incredible. This label has an ear for multi-talented artists ranging not only in sound and artistic medium and spectrum.

Stream / Download MYSTIC CRUNK vol. 1 by NADASOUND

Catch NADASOUND at Sonic Bloom Festival this June!

Catch NADASOUND live in Denver this Saturday at Cervantes!

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