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MHSM’s Elevated Artist of the Month

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Hott aka Melvin Shaw, Originally from Syracuse, New York, Arrived in Colorado in 1999 attending Colorado State University in Fort Collins until moving to Colorado Springs in 2007.  Hott is one of those lyricists that has the ability to grab a listeners attention with less than 4 bars.   A very poetic cadence with his style, his vocabulary is beyond extensive and that is displayed in every song.  A good live show puts you in the moment, lets you focus on the present, and every time I see Hott live that is what happens whether Solo, with Audible or A Black Day.  Colorado is growing rapidly, and so is the music scene inside it, artists like Hott will be one of those that will stand out in the future because  who he is as an artist and what he creates as a musician. Underground Hip Hop is not glamorous, but it stands for something, it teaches, uplifts and inspires.  Cats like Hott will keep putting a good name on this musical community, and that is why I feel he deserves your attention, (check out the video for “82 Bronco”, love that video..shout out to Grey Sinatra).

Hott is also one of the MC’s in the group, A Black Day which I recommend you all to check out as well, such a cool talented group of lyricists, I feel at home every time I play a show down in the springs with them.  And if we’re talking about Co. Springs family I gotta give a shout out to my Weed Pimp Family always showing love!

We are proud to have Hott playing this Thursday, April 9th at the Armoury for a free show also featuring The Nights Lp Release Party, Kruza Kid, Suffers Beats, Babah Fly, Dr. Mean Beatz and Ill tact. This is The Mile High Sound Movement’s new Hip Hop monthly titled Elevated Energy that will be featuring some of the areas most talented and consciously awake musicians located at the Armoury in Lodo…and it’s free yo.  And a little hip hop birdy told me to be looking out for a brand new release 4/24/15!!

We decided to ask Hott a few questions, here’s what he had to say!


Gummy bears or gummy worms?
Gummy worms. Definitely. I think they’re more susceptible to abnormalities (flavor hybrids), which make for a more fun-filled munchie experience. Also, you can throw a few in and take them on the go, seeing as how they last longer-due to their design.
Favorite super hero?
SpiderMan’s uber-agility and Magneto’s crazy metacognative abilities made them the two hero/badmen of childhood choice. SpiderMan was relevant to the east coast’s geography, city life stylings and actually had human emotions. Magneto was just that dude, in general. I’m sure I’m not the only kid/adult that has him listed as their favorite super hero (or villain). The suit, the ability to fly, modes of transportation, destructive creativity, back story, lair/laboratory, ect.
favorite cartoon while growing up and now?
This is a tough one. So, Droopy may be my all-time favorite — Wile E. Coyote is my favorite Looney Toon, by far — and as an adult, I’d have to rock with Courage the Cowardly Dog. All creative geniuses. All of them achieved the impossible with effortless ease. My kind of people.
Favorite strain of cannabis?
You know, I’d have to go with a strain I ran into in Fort Collins, Colorado. “Mothership” was its title.. Let’s just say both the rapper and the strain left the planet that night!! As far as readily available herbal, I find that “Blue Dream” keeps my studio flow linear and a good ole “Durban Poison” keeps my Game of Thrones writing zone intact.
Joints, Blunts, or Bongs?
Even though I have owned all three – there’s something special about the ceremonial “L” that does it for me. #Blunts
Do you like writing or freestyling more?
Going back to the ceremony thing, I have this whole holistic approach to writing rhymes. Writing is more of a multi-step process to completing a song or a verse. Now, I freestyle lines before they’re written, and true freestyle will always have a place in my heart, but I’m a writer by nature – always have been. Sculpting a sentence, molding its angles and uncovering the poetic imagery within the syntax.
Would you rather your audience take the show in for the moment or have their phones out
recording to possibly share with other people?
Nice question. To answer this one accurately, I’d say that with today’s special effects (lightshows and stage props) and with the advents in mobile technology – having a lasting, documented version of one of my favorite emcees killin’ the mic would be of greater value than trying to verbally recollect that moment to a fellow hip-hop head. There’s a certain expectation that usually follows: “Yo, last night was mad ill”. “Share it” is the common response. Great question, Kruza.
Big venue or small venue? (Both are filled to same capacity ratio wise)
Small. Definitely. The more exotic and unexpected, the better. 100 people in a submarine with a decent sub and clean PA would be up my alley.
3 musical influences
1. Adele
2. Smoky Robinson
3. Lupe Fiasco
3 things you would like in your green room before a show
1. Gourmet Burgers
2. Potatoes (all varieties)
3. Herbs and Rillos
3 things you don’t want in your green room before a show
1. Weak rhymes
2. Wack promoters
3. Racists
HoTT, A Black Day, Audible, explain the different projects.
HoTT, is the core, the nucleus. The director. All of the ideas flow through HoTT.
Audible is the organic, dystopian side of the artist infused with acoustic soul to provide the right mood for the proper imagery.
A Black Day is the novelty. Four, independent elements that fuse as one.
The best thing about it is that I’m HoTT in all three areas. Kruza, I think you can identify with wearing multiple hats and the love for the craft(s) that it produces. The focus of the multi-group thing tis to always offer a professional and original take on a segmented and genre-specific sound or song type. Fans that know what they want have very high musical standards. I am in three areas all at once to cover as many bases/address as many challenges as possible. For example, “82 Bronco” was written by HoTT (boombap/classical/golden-era) at the same time we were forming ABD (A Black Day-group vibe, vintage, organic chemistry) and while I was finishing up “Swords and Shields” for Audible (acoustic soul/introspective mood music). The brandname transcends though the literature, but the lens it gets delivered through changes from Audible to HoTT to A Black Day.
Shout outs:
I’d like to thank the Creators and the everyone involved in making this interview possible. I’d like to thank my family (Mom, Dad, Aunt Donna and Aunt Helen, my sister Kisa and cousins Trey and Lonnie) for allowing me to pursue this career to this level – without that support, I wouldn’t be able to sustain all of my musical entities. I’d like to shout out the following people:
Woot, Cliff, Rox, Jeb, Cruz, Chris, SPYDA T.E.K., Kevin, Nic H., Grizz, Skep, Skizz, Vino, Andrea, Dean, Deon, Jon, Jacob, Leah, Jessa, Jennie, Des, AJ and AJ, Dustin, J-Dub, Photo TEK, Cedric, Jaymen, Christina, Jeffe, Brandon, Joe, Tony and Tony M., David, Susan, Otis, Chris D., Harvey, Stacy, Drew, Gary, Zet, Eric, Jerry, Megan, Sarah, Lacie, Lucy, Frank, Xavier, Hevy, Rachel and Nicole plus anyone I forgot to list.
BIG, big shout out Kruza Kid. We’ve clicked since day one and I couldn’t list a better friend to have in this crazy game we call THE MUSIC BUSINESS !!
Thanks for the read.

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