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When The Mile High Sound Movement started it’s own label in 2014, the
very first release was Mile High Meltdown Compilation vol. 1. Ever since
then, MHSM Records has been a platform for all of its artists to release
their music. Now as the label approaches 100 releases in its catalog,
Volume 5 of the Mile High Meltdown Compilation series will prove to be
the largest release the label has ever had. Over two years in the making,
this album contains 30 songs comprised of MHSM artists and several
guest artists large and small that were invited to join the project. Two
hours of the best music from artists local to the best music scene is
certainly an equation for success.



As the quarantine continues around us, we have all found a way to create a new normal and even excel during these times. Although I miss the sticky floors and sweet smells of Cervantes, it has been such fun watching artists ranging from Alison Wonderland and Slushi play in their rooms to Gryfin playing in front of an infinity pool and Chet Porter playing underwater in a pool! My home setup to watch these live feeds of each “festival” has increased in both audio and visual levels, thanks to the “Covid stimulus”, but today I’m headed back to Waffle House with my mask and the newest, Volume 5 of the Mile High Meltdown Compilation after its many month closure.

Label Manager, Cris Bachmann has not taken this quarantine for granted and has blasted through this immense undertaking saying, “When a huge project like this one finally comes together and the finished product is ready to share, it is one of the more humbling feelings I have as a label manager.” Artists around the world have been putting out music, playing live music, and collaborating in the most innovative ways. Music is something that lives in us and is immune to virus. I take my first sip of coffee, push at the play button, and the vocals of Take Me Away by AVRY ring through my ears, the lyrics perfect for the moment. Beak Nasty slows the pace as I ease into my chair and take in all the surroundings of the hectic room one by one. Being back in this kitchen top, listening to these familiar DJ’s after such a hard time for the nation, for the world, feels as warm as this cup of coffee.

I hear the “regulars” around me, I order my “regular” meal, and realize that this chair next to me covered with a trash bag may also be the new “regular” as we keep our distance the best we can at the breakfast bar, the only bar I’ve visited in months. Brisco Jones saxy and jazzy vibes break my concentration and the song pumps me up as the commotion around me quickens. I pop out one ear bud and hear the waitress joking about how everyone is in such a good mood and she thinks they may have had a “smoke” pre shift, and all she was upset about it that she wasn’t invited. I agree with a smirk, realizing my sunglasses are also still on, and exclaim that it’s great to be seated. She describes how she is equally glad to be back and of service. CatParty is throwing a party on the compilation and I put my earbud back and get back to jotting these notes. Collidoscope has a synthy song with a glitch voice box-like sound telling me to “shake that ass” and get “funky yall”. It’s a mood setter.

DYNOHUNTER is giving me fist-pumping energy as my coffee kicks in with buildups in Flashback that give me flashbacks to a discotech era. Edamame & Handbook set a slower pace with a beautiful symphony of sound. FunkStatik brings his vibe to the compilation and I swear I can see him hip bopping on the stage to this bubble poppin sound. GODLAZER’s track Primal Rage is instant dark and eerie late night bloom vibes with bass effects that wooble deeply through my earbuds. Homemade Spaceship is next with a track that rolls heavy on the bass and pierces through with Lizzo strength flute.

Purple Pines is a triple threat by Homemade Spaceship, FunkStatik, and MIDIcinal brings the sounds of all three artists together flawlessly in this track, each building on and playing to each other’s strengths. A combination of vocals and violin bring melodic buildups and drops together. “She” by Kruza Kid feat. Eligh & Brisco Jone is a warmly welcomed hip hop track with a Chance the Rapper and Mac Miller vibe. Laika Beats – Sunset Dialog sounds just like a distorted conversation between the setting sunlight and rising moons darkness.

Lucid Vision who is known to rock mixes lasers and guitar riffs like no other, add Unlimited Gravity and it’s a party as the track grows louder with angels singing from a rage in the heavens. This song contains these variable dreamy buildups and drops in a way that comes together in beauty and bass. The song Live Life In Pleasure has been previewed before but this is the first time I’m hearing it in completion. Melody Lines track is a tranquil passage through space and my ears fall on the track by Michal Menert feat. Nick Gerlach. Oooff, this artist lineup and support is just like no other. Where else are you finding all the homies in one spot?! I feel the joy of seeing Nick come out as a special guest as the track grooves on. Thank you MHSM.

NADASOUND and Oomah…gawd come together in a track that is low and sensual, bird chirps of a sunrise coming through in Mating Call. Notorious Conduct increases the energy with an energetic track that could certainly be used for a Mario game, grabbing coins and bouncing through the level. Papa Skunk brings the quickness with his drum and bass, heavy on the transitions. Patrick Skyler and The Dirty Gems shoutout their Mile High love through at least 4 different genres, making my job hard, and slowly fading out. Project Aspect uses the scrambling of vocals by Virgi Dart and distorts the audio into the track. This compilation is EVERYTHING, and is definitely the setlist to your next party, whether it be zoom or in person.

Ryan Viser uses some sick transitions from bumping New Orleans low rider music right back into a melody and reverse back into a trumpet. Where is everyone getting all this brass and bass? Is the next genre of EDM, SkaDM? SonX uses an underwater break and muffled vocals along with an electrical buzz have me needing to come up for air. Spectacle transitions me to dreamy and beautiful beach in the music of “Brazil” in summer with lightly cooing vocals.

I take the last sip of my second cup of coffee and realize the end of the nearly two hour compilation is in sight but the end of the passion is nowhere near ending. Unfold’s track is what I like to call a sleeper song, near the end, but deserving of the time. It builds up and breaks down in a beautiful way. The album ends with a track from one of my favorite humans, VibeSquaD, who always seems to be where threes a good time, making the playlist for us to dance to. This compilation is beyond doubt for us to dance to although maybe for now it’s in smaller groups.

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