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Russ Liquid Interview with MHSM

By Carly Bader

As the year approaches it’s end, The Russ Liquid Test hasn’t slowed down one bit. Coming off an impressive Summer with appearances at Bassnectar’s Freestyle Sessions, Electric Forest, Red Rocks Amphitheater, and extensive seasonal tours, we can only anticipate what is in store for the Test in 2019. As we gear up for Papadosio‘s ‘Fall Freaquence’ event at The Fillmore in Denver, we took a long shot, and within hours, all of life’s questions were answered. Well at least all the ones I had for Russ Liquid.

I’ve been waiting to ask this for years: Who has the answer key to the Russ Liquid test?

Russ: All answers available in the collective consciousness ether.

Second question, is the answer 4?

Russ: It’s 9

Ok now to something more serious, what’s your favorite instrument?

Russ: Piano

As this is a Halloween weekend show, are you dressing up?

Russ: I always dress up

Halloween feelings? I hate scary shit, but seeing you at Suwannee Hulaween was epic.

Russ: we all wear “masks” every day.. Halloween tho we get to physically hide behind the social constructs that define our world.  It’s fun I suppose

What separates you as Russ Liquid from the larger embodiment of The Russ Liquid Test?

Russ: Russ Liquid is my solo project erring on the more electronic trippy side of things, whilst the test is on the funkier side of things because more instruments.

When did this happen?

Russ: Late 2015

Were you ‘In Love’ in 2014?

Russ: “In love” is more a general reflection of the love I have experienced in life.

A lot of what you do on stage seems like improvisation.  I tend to see a lot of on stage communication and signaling to other bandmates. What are rehearsals like?

Russ: Rehearsals? That would b neat… lol. That’s prob why it seems improve cause it is and we just figure it out together onstage in front of everyone… nothing better than to dive right in and ride that proverbial wave.

What full album are you playing on repeat right now?

Russ: Currently: Candi Staton : Stand By Your Man

Most inspiring artist right now?

Russ: Electronic: Opiuo

   Band: Khraungbin

World Gone Crazy blends absolute head banging mosh rock and hip hop with the vocals of Prob Cause. What are the craziest genres you’ve mixed together?

Russ: Drum and bass and rock n roll

Last question, last meal?

Russ: Chick-fil-A On our way to tonight’s show in Birmingham

Any last words or plugging you’d like to get in?

Russ: In this crazy world everything we can do to make change counts.  Never feel that your contribution to society is to small to count.  Be good to one another. Approach everything from a place of love.

See The Russ Liquid Test Live in Denver this Saturday Oct. 27th at The Fillmore Auditorium



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