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Keeping true to their vision by focusing on quality production regardless of trends within the industry, Colorado’s very own Bass Physics will headline The Untz Festival Official Pre-Party this Wednesday, May 18th at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom alongside Evanoff, Lucid Vision, Spectacle, Unfold and more. The event is a kick-off celebration for the inaugural The Untz Festival taking place in Mariposa California this June 2nd through the 4th, where artists from The Mile High Sound Movement will perform including Unlimited Gravity, Project Aspect, Dynohunter as well as Evanoff and Lucid Vision.

The sound of Bass Physics is ever evolving with their recent single releases “The Hex”, “Synergy” and “Euphoria”, which catalyzes the hard hitting, instrumental and often melodic bass music that the band is creating now. From discussing their Summer festival circuit to their musical influences, and the anticipation of headlining Cervantes’ this week, you can catch up with the Bass Physics in this exclusive interview.

Make sure to catch the MHSM acts also performing at Cervantes’ this Wednesday Evanoff, Lucid Vision and Patrick Skyler. Evanoff is a group of young musical innovators within the local scene, you can also catch them at Sonic Bloom next month. Lucid Vision just released the single, “This Feeling” which you can view below. Be sure to also catch Lucid Vision performing for his first time at Arise Music Festival.

2016-05-18 Bass Physics


MHSM: With your upcoming performance at the inaugural event The Untz Festival in California what can you tell us about what The Untz is doing for the electronic music community?

Bass Physics: The Untz has always been a huge supporter of our music from the start. As a blog that has kept with us the whole time, they have helped us gain exposure we otherwise would not have seen. We see them doing that for artists all the time, and they are helping cultivate a music scene enriched with talented musicians.

MHSM: Generally speaking, who are some of your biggest musical influences? Do they inspire the music you make in any way?

BP: As it just came out today, Stephen has an incredible album and his style of music is unique. Some other inspirations are Zhu, StS9, Linkin Park, Odezsa, Illenium, 2pac, Phutureprimitive, Gramatik, Pretty Lights. We’re striving for a unique sound that captures hard hitting beats with pretty-esk sounds, incorporated with delicately woven sound structures.

MHSM: How has the musical style of Bass Physics evolved since the release of ‘Lose Your Mind’ three years ago and your recent release ‘Synergy’? What inspired these changes?

BP: We have learned SO much in the realm of creating music with electronic platforms since our first album came out. We have really been striving to create high-quality music with that three-dimensional feel, yet keep a unique take on it. It seems really important to focus on what we want our sound to be, not what the industry is headed towards. We are always developing that and refining it to a new standard.

MHSM: Describe the sound Bass Physics is creating now?

BP: Hard hitting instrumental electronic rock funk jam… on a toasted croissant.

MHSM: Any fun collaborations in the works?

BP: Not at the moment, a few potentially in the future works with some MHSM artists though.

MHSM: Can fans expect an album from Bass Physics anytime soon?

BP: Not an album, we are just working on making as much music as possible, maybe an EP in the near future. For now expect singles, a lot of them!

MHSM: With so much great talent coming out of Colorado are you excited to be collaborating on a show with emerging names in the scene like the MHSM’s Evanoff and Lucid Vision during The Untz Festival Official Pre-Party?

BP: Of course, it’s been fun growing up with these guys and playing in the scene together. Lucid Vision is a long time friend of ours; we went to middle and high school together! With so much talent at this show, we are so excited to show Denver we have to offer!!

MHSM: Looks like you guys will be hitting the festival circuit hard this summer from Sonic Bloom to Electric Forest, and Arise Music Festival how does it feel to bring your music to such a diverse audience?

BP: As we learned on tour with Phutureprimitive and other shows, it is a blessing to play your music for different cultures and audiences. Its always awesome to see how different crowds will react, and we love getting different feedback. We are so lucky to be playing all these festivals!

MHSM: With Feyline celebrating its 49th anniversary how does it feel to be a part of a brand that’s been so influential within the Colorado music scene for so many decades?

BP: Feyline is a legacy that will be carried on for a very long time, and we are honored to be a part of that. We can’t thank Barry and Tyler enough for including us, and we will continue to work hard to be a part of that.

For bass-bumping beats, sick drops, and sweet instrumentals you’ll want to catch a live set from Bass Physics this Wednesday at Cervantes. Their sound encompassing multiple dimensions with influences by original artists like Zhu and Gramatik needs to be experienced on a live stage to be truly appreciated. Whether you are a long-time Bass Physics fan or are thinking of checking out the performers for the first time, don’t wait to grab your ticket. A night of wild electronic beats, funky jams, and Colorado style music waits for you at the official pre-party for The Untz Festival.



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