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Melody Lines was one of two new additions to the MHSM roster in 2019. Their 2nd EP “Reflective” has been highly anticipated by the duo and the team. Arguably, it is Melody Lines’ biggest release to date and milestone in a fledgling career. “The Otter”, “Anima” and “Afterlife” complete the EP that was teased by the song “Premotions” leading up to the release. As a whole, the EP offers a blissful sensation with an intriguing development throughout. “Reflective” is at the cross-roads of downtempo, jam-tronica and experimental bass.

As hinted by the name, the EP resonates a reflective and stimulating experience. Each of the songs contains beautifully layered synths, guitar melodies and hyper-realistic sounds that engulf the listener’s attention. Clearly, their production is dedicated to a minimalistic balance while also exploring the boundaries of uncharted digital production. It’s expressional, exploratory and overall enjoyable. The songs lean toward the ambient-downtempo realm but they are able to maintain a driving groove with ‘in-the-pocket’ drums and suspenseful builds.

What are you waiting for? Dive into “Reflective”, available on MHSM Records.


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