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MHSM is excited to announce the signing of Melody Lines and their new EP ‘Liquidize.’ Stepping it up to unseen levels of production from Melody Lines, this EP captures Vinny Crippen’s abilities as a diverse producer. Capturing his music as not only diverse, but timeless. Which can be heard in the melodic, but intricate beats of this EP, that closely remind me of the well known Dave Tipper.

With all of these fresh new sounds Melody Lines is coming out with, it really struck to me ask Vinny what his inspiration was to create this EP. His response is captivating, “It comes down to a lot of things that had inspired me to write this EP, but it was mostly a desire to further my craft of producing and expand my sound to include new sub genres fans haven’t heard from me before. I always strive to write as diverse of a catalog of music as possible and want to be able to have music for any situation. I’ve always wanted to be able to rock any type of party, from funk bands to raves. I’ve played all types of shows between jam and electronic, but I felt this style of music was slightly missing from the catalog. On top of that I also wanted to push myself as a producer and get my sound design dialed in to the next level, and put a lot of time into individual tracks and start to get them sounding the way they do. I feel writing these songs really helped me progress my producing in that aspect.

With such a different sound from Melody Lines, and showing the inspiration behind the EP, we take a look at how Vinny felt stepping out of his comfort zone. “I’ve been trying to dive into new styles from the beginning. It’s definitely a learning process. I had to attempt writing a few songs in this style that ended up being trash, but I learned that I  have to make those mistakes to learn how to avoid them. After a few attempts I usually figure out how to write to that style and can run with it. It’s a little scary releasing music that is so different than what people are used to but I think people that follow my music will be open minded enough to enjoy it. If you’re a fan of Melody Lines and find this release doesn’t speak to you, you should be happy to know, I have a bunch of music I plan on releasing this year in a bunch of different styles. Some of it will be more similar to the funk and downtempo you know from ML and some of it will be just as different from everything else as this release is.”

Taking it to a more personal level we wanted to get to know this diverse producer, as Melody Lines has just been signed to the MHSM Record Label.  Vinny was raised in Winter Park, Colorado, and graduated from CU Denver with a Music Degree in 2010. Previously being in bands, Vinny branched out to start exploring the depths of production almost 8 years ago. He wanted to be able to write and perform music without all the hassle of a band, that as well as, the inspiration from artists and the fresh beats they were putting out back then. This really showed Vinny how powerful, and full of possibilities producing could be.  Throughout the years Melody Lines has had the pleasure of rocking out some of Denver’s well known venues, but they have a lot to look forward to this upcoming year as they have plans to play their first shows out of state and hope continue to expand and have more people find their music! We wanted to ask how they feel about working with MHSM, their response “It’s been an awesome experience so far. I feel like it’s still so fresh that I’ve really just scratched the surface of all that’s to come working with them, but so far they’ve been really responsive and easy to work with and everyone I’ve talked to lately is really excited to see us working with them.” Melody Lines looks forward to the endless possibilities that are here to come, and hope to be touring full time within the next 5 years. We welcome Melody Lines with open arms to the MHSM Family and are excited to see how they continue to grow, and put out fresh new sounds. Enjoy their new EP ‘Liquidize’ now available everywhere on MHSM Records!

See Melody Lines perform live in Denver next on May 10th at Cervantes’ for the annual Sonic Bloom Pre-party series “The Unified Field” featuring performances from Break Science, Shlump, kLL sMTH, ill-ēsha, Moontricks, and LowPro.


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