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Megan Hamilton Brings 10 Producers Together For Photosynthetic Remixed

by Makaela Bamonti

As if she isn’t already one of the coolest chicks in the DJ game, throw in a 10-track remix album featuring a different collab on every song, call it “Photosynthetic” and Megan Hamilton has got it down to a science. Each number is something fresh and totally unexpected. You get all that funky, riot-like, rowdy, catchy house tunes mixed with hip hop and deep dubstep in-between beats – it’s everything you didn’t know you needed.

Each remix features a different producer including MHSM artists Unlimited Gravity and FunkStatik, also including Defunk, Tortuga, and Dreamers Delight, and more. They all give you a taste of the artist’s sound as well as Hamilton’s take on it – which is kind of like having your cake and eating it too.

The first remix of ten, “Night & Day”, features Sleepyhed, a duo from Edinburgh, and has a very trance-like, house feel. It is a song that you’ve most likely heard before, but Hamilton and Sleepyhed turn it into a completely alternative style with upbeat, jumpy rhythms, and a chorus you can’t help but sing along to.

“Banana Phantom” featuring Dysphemic from Hazelbrook, starts off with hip hop then dives deep into a glitchy beat throughout. Sped-up rap verses give you that energetic, hyped up feel that really gets you going.

Next up, “Don’t Worry” featuring Defunk from Canada, is an uptempo bass piece, mimicking sounds similar to those of Odesza and Zedd; with the ever-present electronic synth signals riding out the entire song. It starts off with a little guitar plucking, then goes right into keys directing the sound into an electro dance mix.

“Connected”, featuring Tortuga, also from Denver, gives you those Sunsquabi and Floozies feels. One of the illest and extended songs on the album, the horn takes center stage alongside a mix of keys and hard hitting drum and bass. Out of nowhere, a smooth, chilled-out hip hop verse takes it to a whole other level. A guitar solo brings you into that bit of funk and rock, ending slowing with a piano piece, making it a perfect track to smoke down to with the homies. This track is sure to be heard everywhere – that kind of song played at every show.

“Future Lemonade” featuring Ghost Channels, from Minneapolis, takes you right back to that techno, house rhythm phase. It’s a constant ebb and flow of tunes, something you’d hear at any dance club, truly a “house anthem”, some would say. Described as “Haunted House”, Ghost Channels and Hamilton bring the dance floor weapons with this mix.  

“Drip” is the sixth song on the album featuring Dreamers Delight from Los Angeles, and is a trippy-tempo all on its own. It’s impressively sexy, catchy, and smooth. Downtempo but also gives you that trap and bass mixed in, it’s dreamy and transcendental.

“Strawberry Bubblefunk” says it all in its name. Featuring Grid Division from Santa Cruz, this track will make you seriously want to step up your dancing game. With bubble-like-bass and out of this world alien-like sounds similar to that of Opiuo and Tipper, this song is funky and extremely unique. It’s so fun, you can’t help but bounce to it.

“Siddhartha” featuring our very own MHSM artist Unlimited Gravity, pulls Bollywood themed tunes and turns them into a deep dubstep and glitchy beat. You can feel the depth and the elemental energy mixed in – you’ve definitely never heard a track like this one before. Described as an “ingenious alchemical hybrid, combining the chaotic energy of crunchy crunk beats”, Unlimited Gravity and Megan Hamilton bring the riot with this one.

“Groovy Booty” again, says it all in its name. Featuring Kibosh, this song will keep you moving and speaks directly to that booty-shaking, alter-ego you know is inside all of us. A lyrical beat throughout and a master turntable style.

The last track on the album, “Comin’ To Getcha” featuring FunkStatik, also one of our beloved MHSM artists from Denver, ends the album on those funky, glitchy notes. It’s a hard-hitting end to an incredible remix album by Megan Hamilton.

“Photosynthetic” truly is “comin’ to getcha” with its raw beats, unforgettable melodies, and incredible featured DJ’s and producers. This album is sure to be playing all over the place, no doubt making you and your crew appreciate it for the distinct creativity each artist brings to the table.

Check out the full remix album below:




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