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This Friday December 14th at YMH Denver, MHSM duo Mass Relay is set to headline their first show ever (a growing trend for our team). With many familiar faces in the MHSM circle, we have Papa Skunk, Patrick Skyler, CatParty, Urban and Chando all teaming up with us for this big night. We’re bringing in extra production from Future Wolf and Mindbeam Productions. The return of Papa Skunk is a rare treat for old school MHSM fans, as the artist has been busy in the Medical Cannabis industry in Illinois the past few years. We fully expect some collaborations with Mass Relay. Be sure to catch all of this amazing talent!


Some words from MHSM Writer, Carly Bader, on the show:

“It’s a cold Saturday morning and a coffee cup from my own kitchen sits on my glass desk table. The entire shadowboxed table area is filled is with posters, old tickets, set lists, and business cards with STOP TALKING printed on them, a gift from my good friend who agrees with my morals associated with concert viewing. He’s also got a great sound system that truly puts mine to shame, but I connect my Chromecast and turn on Mass Relay for this week’s article.

The first track, Aspire to Inspire start with horns and quickly surprises me with a transition straight into grime and slime. Not often does Excision or Datsik pause for a trumpet player to be featured during a show, but it’s a mash up done well. Funky bass drops are intermingled between the heavier sounds, guiding the hard beat. The popular song is also featured on their 2018 Sonic Bloom set recap video I’ve been sent. While watching, I’m quickly eager for phase 2 of the 2019 lineup to be released. The next song features vocals by Megan Leonardo which flow nicely in this #Dance&EDM song. The next titled UFO definitely takes us out to space. This song is much more experimental and shows the true range these guys have. A bouncy hip hop beat in the background gives this song much more energy. Cractal Frunk and Psilocybin Samurai with Papa Skunk, a Mochipet remix show again the diversity of this duo. The former a song that reminds me of Russ Liquid, who has just announced a tour around Colorado with our very own Funkstatic; the latter a more tribal Beats Antique vibe. The guitar solo in Dependent catches my ears around the 2 minute mark and I’m intrigued once more. This duo is not to be missed.”

Mass Relay with Papa Skunk


Patrick Skyler




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