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Another day in Denver means another epic lineup to explore. Ironically in the Denver airport on my way out and I’m starting my set list of this show’s lineup with MHSM artist UNFOLD‘s track, ‘Brooklyn’ on Mile High Meltdown vol.4. It’s lay-back smoke a joint and blow smoke rings with your friends’ kinda music. Slow motion party scene in a movie vibe. I like it. ‘Stroller Roller’ is his most recent 2018 release and it rolls deep. Get low kinda music. Definitely the way to start a night at Cervs. My neck never did fully recovered from Freestyle Sessions 2016. ‘Melt’ keeps to trend with light vocals sampled. ‘Follow Up’ begins as some sort of space/battleship combo blasts off, but again the addition of light wavering vocals rounding off the verse. ‘Three Ways From Tomorrow’ begins with some treble heavy horns, but after only a minute they are distorted. I keep checking back to my phone because sometimes Spotify likes to go wild. It’s still UNFOLD. I feel like I’m describing a whole new genre with each passing song, with little overlap. I’d say it’s hard to put him in a box, especially with so many boxes these days. But hey, Denver’s progressive.

I check my flight, which is going to be delayed, who could have guessed. Still drinking coffee, but this time its sadly Starbucks and starting out onto the tarmac.

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Marvel Years starts up with ‘Stand Out’, from his new album “Above The Horizon”. Definitely heavy on the guitar riffs. There is an 18 song DJ mix titled ‘Outbound’ that catches my eye. Looking down the track list I see some heavy hitters, SoDown, Maddy O Neal, Chris Karnes, Sunsquabi, and 2 Pretty Lights mixes. They both embody that sound Pretty Lights mastered first. The perfect balance of laser beams and brass instruments. Artists like this are able to so seamlessly move through transitions and all in the same highlight each moving part. I find myself stuck on ‘Lifted’, maybe the edibles are kicking in. A secondary problem with delayed flights. The songs fun and throws a bit of trickery into the mix, going low when I wasn’t expecting, not prescribing to the equation. SunSquabi slides the guitar up and down, a Colorado favorite. The funky breakdowns we all love. It’s going to be a great night at Cervs. Lucky to have a venue so imitate and yet booked with back to back bangers. Our weeknight lineups far exceed what some towns see all month.

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Jantsen starts with a literal bang as my phone glitches its way into “Make some noise” with a loud bang. Bassheads may recognize this local name as he has worked with Bassnectar on a handful of tracks. Bass in your face for sure. ‘Badboy Sound’ is a remix of many sounds with many other artists. Next on comes ‘Massive’ with Dirt Monkey, a song I had no idea he worked on. Next up is ‘What’ with Bassnectar, a classic, but honestly not one of my favs. The bpm up until the drop makes me uncomfortable, but ooooooooo that drop. I think it’s something all DJs love to toy with. Making that moment that much more. His “appears on” list on Spotify is one of the longest I’ve seen and songs go as far back as 2011. Are you readdddyyyyy??? , this is a DJ I am actually very ready to see this weekend. This will be the set I’ll be jumping pogo style for. I’m about to move to the next artist as I’ve written enough I think, but I’m halfway thru my flight and this edible is working. I continue with 2 more songs, and finish with ‘Lost In The Crowd’, as I try and find my way to the next artist.

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Defunk is the final artist on the lineup, and I recognize the cadence of Chali 2Na. Horns lead in and it’s as if you plugged in New Orleans, not a funk artist from Canada. ‘Funk It’ rips the guitar and is definitely a groove song to clap to as crowd participation is requested. ‘Can’t Buy Me’ has a much more melodic start and vocals of Megan Hamilton and verse spit by Wes Writer drew my attention during the song. The addition of the human voice used as an instrument is also emphasized in ‘Electric Body’, as the voice is ultra-digitized and synthy. Has anyone checked me yet on the actual existence of the word synthy?, to have synth.

As my flight lands, getting to Vegas is as close to teleportation as you’re going to get, I excitingly anticipate next weekend at Cervantes with all these artists, and you guys! But first I’ve got to get through this one. See ya’ll there!

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Saturday November 17th

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom

Marvel Years & Defunk

w/ Jantsen, and UNFOLD


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