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MHSM Artist, Dalton Kieta aka Lucid Vision, has a style of sound that you look forward to hearing with every release and enjoy coming back to listen to time and time again. The first full length album Lucid Vision has released, “Still Dreaming” was nothing short of the epic sounds we were hoping for. The album features Kevin Donohue from SunSquabi, COFRESI, Kaptain, nok nok, and Sam Burt. A star-studded album in the EDM world had us hanging on to every sound until the very end.



Spreading light through sound is the mantra Lucid Vision has captivated us with in all of his songs and performances. He is the kind of artist who uses his platform for good to spread light, love, positivity and encourage people to do the right thing. On several occasions we have witnessed wonderful speeches from Lucid Vision about people standing up and making a difference in the world. My personal favorite was at Sonic Bloom a few years ago. He gave a wonderful testimony to the crowd about how important it was to vote and make our voices heard. Lucid Vision debuted his last release in the unique environment 2020 has created for musicians and fans, a live stream broadcast on some of our favorite venues and promoters pages with him commenting and answering questions during the release. It was such a unique moment that spread a lot of joy in this year. 

This album shines through with a slightly different sound than previous releases. It is mellow but still bouncy. Lucid Vision intertwined some of his signature sounds with riffs, new bass lines, and beautiful instruments for a smooth listening experience. Each song features a different instrument in a new way. Combined with the expertise of the artists featured in the songs there are so many moments in each song that I have come back to several times to replay. Each song has an enticing sound to find and hang on to. This album gave me Pretty Lights vibes, and I am here for it.   

 “I’m proud of how the music has evolved , and I think this album says that people should expect a lot of different styles/genres from Lucid Vision. It’s inspiring to be able to work with some artists I look up to. The lack of live shows in 2020 has provided an opportunity for touring musicians to have more time to work on music.” – Says Dalton

Lucid Vision’s sounds for this album are the vibe we needed this year to get back up and keep crushing dreams. “Still Dreaming” is the soundtrack for us to manifest our dreams in bigger and better ways for the new year ahead.

Melinda Mankins

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