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Lucid Vision aka Dalton Kieta is reaching new heights in his career and has a melodic sound to match.

His new single entitled “Running With The Infinite” is one-hundred percent original with no samples and features lyrics by an emerging artist in the Colorado music scene, Knowledge THYself. The track will have the crowd at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom grooving thanks to it’s hypnotizing beat and equally chilling lyrics which will be performed LIVE by Jereme Unruh of Knowledge Thyself on Saturday, March 5th during the Official Beanstalk Festival Pre-Party. For a preview of what to expect from Lucid Vision’s performance check out the song below then grab your ticket for the show BEFORE IT SELLS OUT by clicking here.

From transitions in his career to discussing the sound you’ll hear this Saturday and even a quick word on The Untz Festival, we have the scoop on the changes Lucid Vision’s been experiencing after his co-headlining show at The Bluebird Theater and since announcing his partnership with The Mile High Sound Movement.

Aryonna Richard: How does it feel to be a part of the MHSM artist collective in Colorado? 

Dalton Kieta: “I’ve known about The Mile High Sound Movement for a long time way before I’ve been involved with them and I’ve seen them around. I’ve seen their fliers around town and their banners at shows. It’s definitely a super inspirational feeling to be working with them.The Mile High Sound Movement has a really good foundation as an artist collective and then Cris Bachmann bringing the business side. They are a good group to be working with and so yeah I’ve known about them  and then I played a show with the MHSM and my buddy Ehren Wright of SoDown. He introduced them to me and helped bring me in and even since then I’ve seen the MHSM grow, just in the time that I’ve been a part of it. I definitely believe in the MHSM, and we could potentially be something big like The Untz. I believe it’s growing and I’m honored to be a part of it. I believe in this cause.”

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AR: Recently you’ve transitioned from completely representing yourself and managing your own bookings to working with Cris Bachmann, what can you tell me about the newest change in your representation?

DK: “With the Bluebird show, it got to the point where I was organizing the event, sending out the artists input lists to the venue and being this liaison for everybody. It was so much back and forth work that I got to the point that I was like; I need to work on music and bring it back to the foundation. So it is exciting to work with someone like Cris someone that I trust, and I know who hustles. I know that he works hard and has good connections with Cervantes  and other people like Unlimited Gravity and Project Aspect, who he manages as well.

I can tell he believes in the music, and that’s inspiring. It’s nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of, and it is a confidence booster. Working with Cris and having more people involved with the music, I feel like it’s not just about me making music anymore. There’s more than just me relying on this when it’s just me that’s involved it’s a little less pressure. It’s also motivating to know that people are expecting me to make good music, bring a quality product that people are going to feel, put on a good show and give it my best. One of the things with working with someone now is I’ve felt a shift in this business. It’s not just for me. I’m not only doing the best for myself but the best I can do for everyone, that’s involved in this now. It does help keep me focused; now I’m like I need to be making new songs all the time. I need to be learning new production techniques, and I need to be releasing songs all the time.”

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AR: What can fans expect from your set on Saturday?

DK: “I’ve been working with a lyricist he goes by Knowledge THYself. He’s an amazing poet. He was on the “Home” remix and did a great job with that one. I recorded him in the studio and got some one-liners and other clips of his vocals that I’ve been putting into some of my other songs. The song with him is all original composition, no samples. I recorded his vocals, recorded my guitar, recorded everything on it, so I’m excited about it. You can expect to hear “Running With The Infinite” during my set on Saturday where I will be bringing Knowledge THYself to perform the vocals in person.”

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Lucid Vision is gearing up for The Untz Festival by offering “Running With The Infinite” as a submission to The Untz Challenge VII! Buy your ticket and get 10$ off with the promo code: LUCID. Don’t forget to stay connected by checking out his upcoming tour dates! 

Get tickets to Club 156 in Boulder on March 4, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver on March 5, Owsleys Golden Road in Boulder on May 1st or The Untz Festival on June 3rd in Mariposa, California.

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