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We are excited to announce the fourth album released by FunkStatik on MHSM Records. Released on all major platforms, FunkStatik’s latest album is lighting the way into Fall of 2018. Bringing you a glitchy wave of creativity. Join us on this bass journey through sonic frequencies. Featuring eight fresh new tracks, hand crafted just for you. This album will have you craving more!

There is always a feeling, or situation, that drives each artist to create a form of art to express what we are experiencing in this moment of life. FunkStatik said his inspiration while crafting this album was; Witnessing the darkness in life, but prevailing through that darkness with love, art and creativity. This is what got me through the past 6 months. Working on something bigger than me… something that can be enjoyed and understood by all audiences including my parents!” This type of energy and support from family and friends is what helps create and shape our MHSM artists into the creative, funky beings they are. And we want it continue to spread that funky positivity onto you! So come have FunkStatik ‘Light The Way’ for your bright days, dark days, and everything in between.

Recently FunkStatik had a crushin’ set at Arise Music Festival, and we gotta say, it might have been his best performance yet. Come experience ‘Light the Way’ at the Fall Freaquence with Papadosio and The Russ Liquid Test on October 27th at the Fillmore in Denver. Keep your eye out for his first ever headlining performance later this fall. The big question is, could this be his next best performance? I guess you will have to go to find out.

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