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Well its about time for some upgrades to the MHSM, all of our artists deserve the absolute best web presence and graphic design to compliment our artists’ style and sound. Mile High Sound Movement has had its doors open about a decade and it’s time to get serious. Denver is considered the bass capital of the country, and we at MHSM consider ourselves contenders at the capital.

Our friends over at Lifebloom Creative have been helping us with some SEO, graphic design, and website development. We are starting our next big project of the Official website for MHSM Records to fully represent our artist collective and record label. This will be the definitive spot for our artists and all things Mile High Sound movement. Lifebloom Creative has helped us with our web presence by doing some SEO and back end stuff to get our site to perform better. They also redesigned our WordPress blog in September.

Don’t fret though, we will still use this website as the funnel for all the most up to date Colorado Bass music news and information. We will still offer MHSM artists music through this site, so sit tight and stay tuned.

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