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Kruza Kid’s debut album “Gemstyles” has been in the making for over 2 years now and was definitely worth the wait. The Mile High Sound Movement has been eagerly waiting to release this timeless hip-hop album that is stacked with mind altering lyrics and beats from many Masters of the Denver scene. Loaded with special guests: singers, rappers and producers. This album combines the creative minds of the MHSM family to connect an inspiring hip hop performance to the audience. Kruza’s rhymes flow with spiritual goodness and paint a sublime visual of his experiences and deep thoughts. Inspiring and “opening up the mind with lyrical content.” Captivating and charming to the listener, this album gets 10 out of 10 from us.

        Listening to this album puts you in first class company. One of the most satisfying aspects of “Gemstyles” is the showcase of local artists in the Mile High Sound Movement family. A trait Kruza Kid carries on stage and in real life, bringing together a community of a “conscious crew” comes easy to him. As co-founder of MHSM he has stayed true to the heart of the movement. It is good to come together for the purpose of co-creating and this album brings the heat from around Denver for a spectacular musical journey.
The album starts with an interpretation of an open mic night amongst friends. The guys joking around with each other bringing us into the special moments of this album slowly and poetically. Damnesia-VU (DMVU) produced the majority of the tracks illuminating his vast spectrum of musical expertise. Bringing true hip-hop vibes mixed with Kruza Kid’s poetic lyrics, taking hip-hop and electronic music to a higher level than ever before. As Kruza says, “What’s a beat if it doesn’t boom?” You can catch DMVU on tour with Yheti this fall.

Project Aspect produced “I Try” and its alluring melody sucks you in immediately with Kruza’s affirmation of going above and beyond, never giving up. Unlimited Gravity’s elegant piano on “Painting Pictures” infused with some of his older style of sounds makes an angelic and classy vibe for Kruza’s pursuit of an out of this world experience with what we can only guess would be a very lucky lady. Singers Precious Hill and Mandy Yoches bless our ears and souls with their voices that are heaven sent. Jeff the Box, adds a comical relief that is hysterical, we were in tears listening to the “Surf Inspector Jeff” skit, and beatboxes original sounds. He is able to make the dirtiest drops with only a microphone and his mouth as an instrument. Scratch master, Brisco Jones is featured on two tracks. Rapper Transit joins Kruza for “White Lightning” with an enchanting voice and flow. Abeasity Jones helps close out the album with a verse in “Space Chips pt. 2.” Kruza Kid’s appreciation for people is evident, even shouting out clothing lines he reps regularly like Sliv Life and Grassroots.
Combining all this magic is a feat to be celebrated. A story teller of the universe the soulful lyrics flow through Kruza Kid, documenting a surreal experience for anyone who listens. Sit back, enjoy these moments and fly high with this epic album.

Kruza Kid performing with Grieves on 9/10

Kruza Kid performing with Zion I and Lyrics Born on 10/20

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