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Last week the MHSM livetronica act, Dynohunter, lost one of their own as drummer, Justin Ehmer lost his four-year battle with cancer.

Clark Smith and Freddy Reisen will carry on the hometown throw down as a tribute to the legacy that Justin leaves. The love, support, and energy that will be present at their Fox Theatre performance this Thursday will surely make it a spiritual experience for fans, friends and family. With a headlining performance at The Fox Theater being a goal for the group since “day one” we can expect the set to be an unforgettable serenade to Justin.

Fox headliner aside Dynohunter is preparing for huge events this summer like The Untz Festival in California and Colorado’s very own Sonic Bloom and Arise Festival. Their latest track, ‘Justified’ is a “dark, sexy tech house track” perfect for grooving to before the show or whenever the sounds of sax are calling. If you haven’t checked it out yet, CLICK HERE, to experience a track that is the ultimate “culmination of ideas” Dynohunter has experimented with recently. Read below for the lowdown on the vision for Dynohunter.



The Interview:

MHSM: This Summer Dynohunter will be hitting The Untz Festival in California, along with Colorado’s two favorite festivals Sonic Bloom & Arise Festival, how does it feel to be a part of these three specific festivals filled with so much talent that we all love?

Fred Reisen: “You know when thinking back on our history as a band the people involved with those festivals have been some of the strongest supporters for Dynohunter. On top of that, the lineups are just chock full of artists we have come up the ranks with.  So much of those festivals represent our generation in this music scene, and we feel proud to be a part of it.”

MHSM: Word is you guys are finishing up new music just in time for your headliner at the Fox Theater with Evanoff & The Digital Connection, what else can your fans expect at the show? How does it feel to be able to rock a hometown show like this one on the 14th?

FR: “Yeah this one is gonna be a doozy.  Based on the events of the last week this show is completely dedicated in loving memory to our brother Justin.  Working toward a Fox headliner has been a goal of this band since day one and to finally have it come to fruition is very, very special.  Justin and his efforts are such a huge part of why we have made it this far and having this be the first show since his passing will make it that much more special and spiritual.”

MHSM: Any hints towards a new album shortly?

FR: “We definitely have some releases getting lined up.  Since The Nomad came out just over a year ago we have been very hard at work refining the sound yet again and concentrating on bringing something to the table that is downright undeniable.  I’ll say this as well, the upcoming show at the Fox will be over 50% of the unreleased material, so the show itself is a hint at our next releases.”

MHSM: Describe the sound you were able to create with the most recent track “Justified”?

FR: “I think “Justified” is a culmination of ideas we have been working on for a while now.  Something very groovy and minimal but with a modern feel to it.  Also, it has a big B section with a big melody and Sax solo that is kind of a trademark move we do in certain songs.  We tried to create a dark, sexy tech house track and add our signature to it and make it a “Dynohunter” sounding track.”

MHSM: What can you tell us about the Dynohunter live experience vs. listening at home?

FR: “You know this is something I actually wish someone else would tell us haha. I know for certain the live experience can be very intense.  And by that I mean we aim to bring a full spectrum of emotions to the set and have people leave feeling like something special just happened.  Every set is a story and every song a chapter type of thing.  Listening at home to Dynohunter is probably very different.  We are aware it is not the most accessible music on the scene right now but again I think that goes along the lines of we create songs with the idea of where it will fit in the live set not necessarily as hit singles.  However with that being said with a pair of headphones, those precise details and effects we add to each track become more obvious and the sound can kind of envelope you.  We purposefully don’t add extended solos and improv sections to the recorded stuff because we rather that be a tight package and something house/techno DJs can drop in a set.The live show is when there is no holding back, and we can dig in deep to our roots as instrumentalists and really stretch.”

MHSM: How do you use music as a catalyst to express your experiences?

FR: “Kind of returning back to something I said before is that the music and the sets we put together are viewed by us as one big storyline.  We take parts of shows we have been to or sets we have listened to and ask ourselves why.  Why did that work there and how can we write something to use in a similar spot.  Basically we try to identify feelings we get from music and our lives and translate that into our own music.”

MHSM: Being renowned as a breath of fresh air within the dance/livetronica genre how do you set yourself apart from other acts?

FR: “I think it’s that we see ourselves as kind of an outlier in terms of approach and style to much of the live electronic world.  We strive for a super clean crossover where the beats are as well produced as possible, but there is room for spontaneity and live expression.  We grew up as musicians playing improv-based music whether is was jazz or jam band style and the spirit of that lives on. However, what we listen to for most inspiration now is rooted in house and techno.  One of the big goals of this group is to produce legit house and techno and fuse that with our instrumental livetronica background.  There doesn’t seem to be anyone else doing it which is both a blessing and curse.  Sometimes it feels harder and harder to find other acts to identify with musically but at the same time, it excites us to forge our path and try to create something new and fresh.  I guess to sum it up we are trying to bring different crowds/scenes together with something they haven’t experienced before.” 

MHSM: As members of The Mile High Sound Movement artist collective, what can you say about this innovative and organic group and how they help the Dynohunter mission?

FR: “The MHSM is a great thing to have for our Colorado music family.  Very much a network to rely on and also use for good collaborations.  The support and friends we have built from the MHSM are some of the closest we have as a band.  Honest, hard working individuals all doing their best to help the crew grow.  High tide raises all boats.”

MHSM: Are there any cool collaborations in the works with any other artists we may know of?

FR: “We definitely have some really cool remixes we are working on for some friends in the scene and have definitely been writing some more music for vocalists as well, I can’t say any names at this time, but what I can say is that it would be from a wide range of artists and really cast a wide net.”

Now you are familiar with Dynohunter’s vision don’t miss their tribute performance to drummer Justin Ehmer at The Fox Theater, a night dedicated to celebrating his legacy. Don’t wait, CLICK HERE to purchase your ticket and experience the group’s intense narrative for yourself. And that’s not all! You are in for a night of Colorado style jam sessions when the MHSH’s Evanoff and The Digital Connection take the stage. Evanoff brings their version of “Dream Rock” to the lineup. A genre pioneered by the trio that blends the high-energy beats of electronic dance music with the soulful vibes of classic rock to create a unique experience for their listeners. Begin the night with the melodic sounds of bass provided by The Digital Connection for downtempo tunes that seamlessly shift between glitch-hop, dubstep and drum & bass.


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