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It’s no secret that the Mile High City is booming with electronic producers, which is why it’s important to find your sound and make it one that you can truly call your own. MHSM artist, Homemade Spaceship has done just that. Coining his work to be “outer space inspired electro soul funkstep glitch hop” he seems to have found his place in this growing scene.

Coming up on one of his biggest shows to date, a headliner at Cervantes Other Side with support from fellow MHSM artist FunkStatik, along with Trufeelz, Pandasaywhat & Kingloop3y, we wanted to get inside the head of Rob Levere (Homemade Spaceship) and find out a little more about how he keeps his wheels turning.

Homemade Spaceship Interview

Can you explain how you got the name Homemade Spaceship?

It’s a combination of a few things actually, I got into collecting gear and living with other musicians and such and eventually I had so much gear it looked like a spaceship. Then I found a transient mans sign that read “Homeless Spaceman” and  I loved it, went by that for a while then kind of one day just going by Homemade Spaceship just made sense. Also the thought of having your own spaceship to go into space and chill out for a minute isn’t that bad of a thought.

How would you say your musical style has evolved over the last few years?

I’ve gone farther in both directions I’d like to think, been trying to make tunes that throw down and headbang harder while also making floaty chiller tunes with a subtler heavy vibe. I used to do a lot of glitch hop, but I almost never play that stuff anymore.

What instrument did you learn first? Which one was the hardest/easiest to pick up?

Guitar!!! I’ll always be inspired by how much my favorite musicians have always technically ”sucked” like Tom deLonge of Blink 182 and Kurt Cobain and I always feel most comfortable tapping into that vibe on guitar. The hardest to pick up was Sax, which i have basically quit at this point haha

Favorite remix you have made?

It used to be the Bill Nye Theme song remix I made forever ago but I am just way too stoked on my CloZee remix for Gravitas right now.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Blink 182, Brand New, Pretty Lights, Taking Back Sunday, Black Dahlia Murder,  Rusko. In that order.

What motivates you to continue creating?

The fact I’ve never been able to hold a real job for more than a year and the fact I love to create, its my medicine and I would never stop. So it just feels right.

Can you tell us what a day of producing entails for you? Any routines, foods, drinks, places you like to go to get yourself in the right mindset to make music?

I love a good coffee or mate. Maybe one hit of weed or CBD seeing I’m in beautiful Colorado. Never too much, and never any drugs or alcohol.

What are your goals for HS in 2018?

I wanna hit the road HARD. I’ve been getting out and about a bit but wanna get my music to both coasts.

What advice would you give to someone pursuing their dreams?

If it’s not absolutely everything to you, make room for the people who have nothing but music in their lives.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Act more like a professional and not get so caught up in drugs and alcohol at a young stage. My party habits have weighed me down in my early 20s and luckily I’ve been able to get them way under control and it’s been exponential for my career.

The MHSM family is very much looking forward to the epic evening that is about to take place at Cervantes’ Other Side. Please enjoy the music and videos below from all of the artists on the bill, buy your tickets for the show, and we will see you in Denver on Friday November 10th!

Friday November 10, 2017 || Denver, CO                                                               

MHSM Presents: Homemade Spaceship w/ FunkStatik, Trufeelz, Pandasaywhat & Kingloop3y at Cervantes’ Other Side

Buy Tickets: 

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Homemade Spaceship @ Sonic Bloom 2017

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Get to know the supporting lineup for 11/10!

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