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Our very own Denver based producer, Homemade Spaceship, has just released the much anticipated EP “Please Abduct Me” on September 12th. Being the first EP release since 2017, even with time being relative in space, I’m just happy to see him so active on Denver stages in the times in-between. He will be at the Bluebird Theatre next on October 19th supporting DEFUNK.

The first song, Old School Science hits me right in the hippocampus as parallel to writing this review I am also updating my professional resume as I am a newly published cannabis scientist. That style of writing is a bit different, but requires the same volume of cannabis. The guitar wails through the beginning and I’m immediately reminded of the sounds of Pretty Lights. His absence has left a hole in the hearts of many, but acts like Homemade Spaceship help fill the void and has me hopeful for the future of the sound.

Deep voices lead Sit By My Fire and an Adams family piano intro begins to creep me out, but in a good way. The sort of goosebumps that you get from musical frisson begin to form on my arms. The energy rises into a dark grimy drop, as my stomach turns. This very gothic sound is getting larger and larger with the help of artists like Rezz sampling tracks from Marilyn Manson in a way similar to when Bassnectar used to remix Deftone’s tracks back in the early 2010’s. Is hard-GORE a genre yet? If not, this is my claiming rights.

The next track is a much lighter and optimistic sounding track. This feature with JSTYU carries a more tranquil melody across the room. A perfect ratio of guitar riffs and dirty words in “Dirt Squirt” finalize the EP, and really round out the sound and power that you can count on from Homemade Spaceship. With the release of “Please Abduct Me”, Homemade Spaceship utilizes each of the four tracks to exemplify his many talents and engage the audience in a variety of ways, and he says please.

Homemade Spaceship Joins DEFUNK in Denver on October 19th

The Single from “Please Abduct Me” with Artwork Done by DEFUNK Himself

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