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The Godlazer Experience

Boulder based MHSM artist, Chris Caligaris aka Godlazer, just introduced a new album series called ‘Sounds of the Underground 2010-2017’ featuring various tracks that he has produced over the last seven years. He combines many electronic elements as well as live guitar, keys and other instrumentals to create an original and authentic Godlazer experience. Over the past seven years he has made a vast array of tracks spanning across many genres, but always creating a joyous blend of uplifting music.

A personal favorite “Colorado Gold,” has an upbeat sound and uses a horn selection, turning this track into a funky hip hop jam, with a twist in the middle that makes you want to get up and dance! The track “It Starts with Believing” is a drum and bass trance fusion that feels like you’re the main character in the coolest video game ever created. “Dank Spank” has a super spacey bass vibe that makes you want to jet set to the moon. He creates a smooth and tropical like softness, with the soothing voice of Desiree in “Moonbeam.” The melodic guitar heavy remix of VibeSquaD and Kruza Kid is a groovy take on the classic hit track. The song “Camera Lights Action,” combines melodic vocals with piano and dub tones, making for a soulful song that is easy on your ears and good for your soul.

The last few songs resonate with the dub, house and electro lover in all of us. “Highways in the Sky”, The Digital Connection Remix and “Vibe With Me” bring us back to our hardcore electronic bass wobble loving selves giving us something to get down to. Seven years in the making, this “best of” album showcases some of the best songs to come out of the mind of Godlazer, who is truly an amazing musician. His ability to dive into the different genres and produce bangers using so many different styles is what makes the Godlazer experience.


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