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Coming up this Saturday at the iconic Ogden Theatre in Denver, MHSM artist FunkStatik (Matthew Rygol) gets ready for his debut performance supporting the Canadian producer duo The Funk Hunters, along with jackLNDN, and Jenaux. We are no stranger to seeing The Funk Hunters in Colorado as the duo has been thriving in the local music scene from sold out shows at the Cervantes Ballroom, to mountain-side stages at Sonic Bloom. We’re quite familiar with the music from The Funk Hunters, as well as the label they operate under, Westwood Recordings, home to such artists as Defunk, Chali 2na, SoDown, Stickybuds, K+Lab, Megan Hamilton & more.

With FunkStatik supporting 3 shows on the current tour (Lawrence, Omaha, Denver), we thought it would be a perfect time to do a little Q&A with Matt Rygol

Tickets Available:

2-7 Lawrence

2-8 Omaha

2-9 Denver

FunkStatik Q&A

Where did the name FunkStatik come from?

FS: The name started back in Omaha, NE. I was sitting on the couch running my hands through the fabric and what do ya know I started to get charged up by static electricity..while listening to funk music and I put two and two together and out came FunkStatik!

What inspired you to go from a listener to performer?

FS: I was inspired initially by Bassnectar back in 2010, and had to figure out what he was doing up there!

What is it like getting ready to perform with The Funk Hunters for a few dates?

FS: The Funk Hunters and Westwood Recordings has been a staple of inspiration for my music since I’ve started writing, its a surreal feeling getting the opportunity to share the stage with these amazing musicians across the country.

What is your favorite venue to play?

FS: So far I really enjoy Cervantes Main Ballroom sets. A Packed house has so much amazing energy its unexplainable..

What’s currently in your CD player or on repeat on Spotify?

FS: Anything FKJ, PL, or GRIZ. Alina baraz is a go to for chill time

How excited are you for Sonic Bloom 2019?

FS: I am most excited about Sonic Bloom being announced on the phase one lineup, you could say I AM STOKED! So much new music to share this year already, and it’s only February!

How is your creative process different when you collaborate with others?

FS: Fast paced and allowing all flow to come into a session.  

Have any shoutouts to friends? Family?

FS: My FuNkIn family #1.  They have supported me on this crazy journey and having their support behind me really makes me feel amazing. #2, Cris Bachmann for believing in me from day one and truly building something remarkable together..I owe it to you brotha!  #3 My recent partner in life Brooke. Her support and love goes MILES being a creative and artist. #4 ALL OF YOU! So much love from you guys, it only drives this music to greater heights to bring the best feeling music I was meant to make and express…THANK YOU! <3    

Final question, Static’s or kinetics?

FS: Both are equally important. 😉

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