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Happy Holidays to us, FunkStatik released a new EP to enjoy over the rest of holidays. FunkStatik has been producing “music to make you feel” since 2016. His original sounds from then were softer, mellow but still funky enough to make you dance. All of his songs whether they are original or remixes are always fun to listen to anywhere and especially at a show. I can’t wait to hear this EP in its entirety on some huge speakers. This new EP “Depths of Space” is so rumbly with deep heavy-hitting bass, I listened to it several times in a row the first go around. Then I tried it on different speakers to get the most out of the sounds. My sound system is nothing special, but my entire car was rumbling with the new sounds of this EP.

         The first song “Discovery” starts out pretty misleading. You think you’re about to go on this soft journey to the end of the song and then around the minute mark this new Funkstatik sound bursts into your ears in the best way and you’re just waiting for more of this deep, wobbly bass. The next two songs, including “Depths of Space,” take this new sound from FunkStatik and combine them in a few different styles. The sound is interpreted into a couple new auditory experiences. It’s like having a remix for your favorite sound of a song ready to go right after you have just heard it for the first time. “Time is an Illusion” has this sound at the 03:20 mark that feels like it’s grabbing a hold of you and squeezing you into a portal straight to space. Rounding off the EP, “FireFly” featuring Lana Eucalyptus pulls you back from your trip to the depths of this epic space bass adventure with a beautiful voice combined with more of the classic Funkstatik sound.


The new sounds of FunkStatik prove why he is such a multilayered and talented artist. “Depths of Space” had me thinking back to fun times at festivals and thinking ahead to shows that I have yet to attend. It has the deep bass sound to make you miss live shows, and wish you were there. At the same time getting you pumped for when we can all meet up at a show and dance the night away again.

Melinda Mankins

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