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‘Distracted Focus’ Now Available Everywhere on MHSM Records

Written by Makaela Bamonti

MHSM artist, FunkStatik, takes chilled out electronic funk to a whole new level with his album Distracted Focus released on MHSM Records. 

The first song, “Distracted Focus” starts in a dreamy wave of tones, slow at first and then adds the synths and snares that hush directly at you. The beats flow so effortlessly together, building its way into the next track.

“Sneaky Snake” gets those guitar riffs heavy on the front, then takes its listeners on a thrilling journey through a cycle of struck cords and twirling tunes.

The third track, “Distant Feelings” uses keys to pull you in and then hits you with the bass-filled synths and groaning glitches of lyrics, whispering something spiritual in your ears.

“Rumble Cactus” is just simply fun to say out loud, but the song is even more fun to listen to. It’s trippy, and takes you on a full circle ride through its dynamic rhythms.

“Come Baby” has this seductive & intimate beat to it, making you feel like you are in the 70s dancing to some funky robotic disco with flare pants and big hair. The guitar really does it for the sound and the movement here.

“Purple Days” starts off in a haze then brings itself to this progressive hybrid of glitchy bass, but stays in a dream-like state the entire way through.

“Stay Fresh” is a reminder of the “good ol’ days” with this uplifting and beat-chopping restlessness that’s laced in this song. The snare takes center-stage in this song but keeps it funky-fresh throughout.

The last song “Don’t Stop” is a locomotion of rhythmic intricacy and has this robotic-bass vibe finding different angles to play with. Its overall structure ends the album well, making us thirsty for the next FunkStatik come up!

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