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Featuring an exciting adventure through time and space with FunkStatik’s new
10 track album “Dream Gravy”, we dive into how he has continued his
growth in sound. From the funky single track “Vibin’ Out” featuring ‘Marvel Years’
to FunkStatik’s own adventure of creating his dreams into a reality of all of ours.
With his 7th album in the past 5 years, he continues to mature his sound,
and his growth has not stopped there. Nor does he plan on stepping back any
time soon. We will all be seeing more of FunkStatik and his funky fresh dreams.
In this album we get a taste of that original sound that everyone has learned to
love, while also getting some beautiful vocals over synthesizers
this album is sure to have you coming back for more. As FunkStatik would say
himself, “The raw lucid compound we use to adventure through our minds while
we slumber. This is the story of my own subconscious journeys through space,
time and sound. Each track was designed with this in mind-to induce your own
dreams and adventures through sonic space- to chase them and follow them with
every might of your conscious.” Step into “Dream Gravy” now and start with us on
this adventure through sonic space.


During these impactful times in life, FunkStatik has some final words for all of us
“I hope everyone is staying safe and staying creative during these trying times.
Keep up your head If you’re feeling down, this moment is only temporary. Also
We all hope everyone is keeping safe out there. We hope to see you all out on the
dance floor soon enough!
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