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Eyes Ahead, Scott Severs, has been busy this year creating new entertainment for us. A local Denver artist in the much-deserved spotlight this month, we’re excited to premiere this new mix “Distorted Horizons.” Eye’s Ahead first got on our radar in 2018 with his submission for the Mile High Meltdown volume 4 contest. We had to make a separate album featuring all the talented submissions we received because there were so many hits to choose from. His track “Under the Grey” was a fan favorite. Mixed in at the 25-minute mark of “Distorted Horizon’s”, I highly recommend turning this song up to appreciate the chunky bass.

         The mix gets right into some deep heavy hitting bass. Eyes Ahead pulls inspiration from every genre. There’s some reggae, hip hop, glitch hop, and deep bass all intertwined into a smooth hour of listening. Featuring mostly original music and some remixes the songs are effortlessly transitioned throughout the duration of the mix. At the timestamp 7:04 the song “Winterfriend” from the EP “Monuments and Motion” begins with this captivating bass. However, that bass is actually a guitar.  Tricky sound manipulation proving the skill Eye’s Ahead has.

“One thing that really sticks out to me with the song was the bass that was used for it. It is actually a guitar, that was then detuned a few octaves once it got inside my DAW. After some pretty heeeavy processing and mangling, I got it to sound like a thick, overdriven bass.”

         Eyes Ahead is a multi-talented musician. Clearly evident in these songs as the transitions and melodies keep the listener tuned in waiting for beat to drop. “I’ve been playing guitar for over ten years now, and it’s the foundation of most of tracks. It’s the main instrument that sparks creative ideas and can get ideas flowing. Beyond that, I also play bass, drums and keys. I try to incorporate all these skills into my music to hopefully give it somewhat more organic feel.”

         “Distorted Horizons” features a sound for every ear. There are heavy drops, a smooth bass line, trippy sounds and even some space to breathe a little while appreciating the depth of the sounds layered in the songs. An original sound starting at 27:40 brought me back with the Young Buck vocals mixed in.  “This is why I love the use of acapellas: can either further push the specific mood of the song or sort of transform the original song and take it to a new interesting place. Originally, this song had a deeper, hypnotic vibe, but mashed up with these vocals, it takes on a new energy.“

This year we’ve all had to reevaluate what’s happening in our lives and Eyes Ahead has done just as his name promises. Keeping busy educating himself through iLL.Gates producer classes, revisiting older songs and tweaking them with new sounds and spending time improving on his sound has definitely proven beneficial for the listener. The mix in its entirety keeps you intrigued until the very last second. Overall, we’re giving this mix 5 stars for originality, transitions, captivation and good vibes. 


“Going into 2020, I had a certain plan which obviously had to be scrapped. However, it’s allowed me to take a step back and re-evaluate where I am at. I was able to figure out my weak points and then improve upon them. Without the pressure to have to prepare for live shows, it allowed me to dive deeper into projects, and also just try stuff that I didn’t have the time to do before: Remix odd songs that may never get heard, rework and dial in existing songs, and focus on making my current writing process more efficient.”

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