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Our very own Meow Wolf extravaganza is coming to Denver one pillar and pre-party at a time. 

Each day I drive through the city from where I live in North Denver to where I work in South Denver, and each day I pass the odd and angular building that is going up between the I-25 ramps and the newly dubbed “EMPOWER Field at Mile High Stadium”. 

It has gone from huge beams and a center concrete pillar to what we pass today; a black, semi fluid shaped triangular and incredibly tall structure. To be honest it bears a resemblance to the new Mission Ballroom, which is very rectangular, but if it ate some newly decriminalized mushrooms. I feel like the inside might catch the same vibe, and the outside is begging for a graffiti mural.

 It seems from recent conversations that some of you haven’t seen it, which definitely explains the amount of traffic, accidents, and general mass of people texting and driving around that intersection. But if you DO look up from your phone while driving through the city you’ll see it, or just watch the video below for a trip into the future.

The announcement of a festival style party titled “A Dark Palace” had everyone on edge for details. This 3 day adventure to tease Meow Wolf at the National Western Complex will really just be a taste of what is to come in Denver, with a diverse banging lineup and art to support.

I have personally been to Meow Wolf in New Mexico a few times now, for music especially. I can’t recall how many times I’ve told the story of seeing 5 tiger onesies dancing their tails off on the stage with Yheti at Meow Wolf, or having Opiou blow the roof of Meow Wolf. , Meow Wolf, Meow Wolf, Meow Wolf. 

Claude VonStroke, who was announced to headline the first night of the festival, is your classic “boots and pants” techno DJ, keeping you dancing for 6 hours straight. Nothing too high energy, definitely not DnB, but also, not the emotional journey we see in a lot of EDM today, with huge buildups, drops, and extensive radio ready vocals. I regretfully have not seen a full Claude VonStroke set yet, but I can imagine the song “Getting Hot” playing while the crowd wipes sweat off their brows, but never stops dancing. 

Saturday’s lineup is stacked with our very own Mass Relay and NADASOUND, and some of my favorite performers Megan Hamilton, Shlohmo, and CharlestheFirst. Sunday headlines with Of the Trees who played a ridiculous set at Sonic Bloom this last year. These are the kind of DJs I hope to see at our Meow Wolf once it’s finished, and their chosen lineup has me very confident for the announcements to come. This is the kind of music that seems to make the walls melt. 

Along with the music of this festival is the main attraction of Meow Wolf, the art. Art being a loose term to begin with. The House of Eternal Return is an amazing one, built inside of an old bowling alley in Santa Fe New Mexico, and return you will as not all installations are permanent. If you haven’t been your really missing out, just check the date book in the living room. The whole place is filled with Easter eggs just for you.

Collaborating artists include, light artists such as Collin Parson, visual artist and sculptor Chelsey Crandell, 3D concept artist and animator Nate Ethnograph as well as performing artists, Rainbow Militia, who put on “innovative circus experiences”.

Even the website for this event is beautiful, while keeping most information about the event secret, even from me!, I can see that this event will be created with the highest level of artistic intent. The FAQ section even jokingly, but correctly address the. Question: Are rave whistles classy? Answer: Depends on the timing.

They also have stated online that $2 from every ticket sold for Dark Palace will be donated to local Denver organizations. They explain that Meow Wolf’s Denver Community Action Committee (CAC) has chosen RMIAN and Birdseed Collective. So party for a cause!


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