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Cloudchord’s Debut Album ‘Imprint’

Out Now on Gravitas Recordings

A melodic, indie-electrified, disco magician, known as Cloudchord knows just how to give us the feels of Spring with his new album “Imprint”, released March 21st. Sensual, refreshing, and as smooth as a mid afternoon breeze, this 12-track decrescendo will leave you feeling anew and fantasizing. With his diverse use of live guitar to give dance music a different appeal to the senses, he effortlessly blends each song into a tantalizing visual airplay. Previously known as D.V.S*Derek VanScotten created Cloudchord 2 years ago and has been tearing up the HypeM charts with 6 remixes that charted #1. We’ve been looking forward to this debut album for some time. ‘Imprint’ is now available on Gravitas Recordings.

The first track, ‘Birdbath and Beyond’, feels as if it got its inspiration from the natural beauty of our world. Giving a taste of nature with the sounds of morning and a new day, Cloudchord brings us to several apex’s throughout the entire song. ‘Light U’ starts off soft and steady, then gets quick and terrestrial, with the use of guitar breaking up the tempo a bit. Taking us to the third track ‘Sparkle Saint’, Cloudchord stays true to his down-tempo beginnings and then brings in a fusion of house and a handful of layers making it hard not to feel the creation of a full story by the end of the song. ‘Flicker’ is fast-paced and nostalgic with its crescendo vibes – easy to lose track of and hard not to move to.

Erinn Bone beautifully blends this horn-driven, spiritual quest that is ‘Seven Sisters’. While the up-tempo flow is heard throughout, the trumpet and echoes take the lead and it truly is other worldly. ‘Aviator’ may have been created on another planet… we aren’t quite sure. Its sounds are alluring, hypnotizing, and the use of a woman’s call and the diligent plucking of strings make it that much more appealing.

Cloudchord’s guitar takes the lead on ‘Golden XO’ and it’s rhyme and rhythm blend adeptly together, making it this sexy, upbeat piece you’ll want to glide to. Sunsquabi’s influence is apparent in ‘Lacuna’, the eighth track on the album. The funk feels and electrified disco beats work well, giving you an equal taste of Sunsquabi’s roots and Cloudchord’s unique style. ‘Lavender Mimosas’ is perfect for a lazy Sunday spent in the sun, enjoying the company of those around you. It creates a sense of gratitude for all the beauty left and is the perfect anthem to end the weekend with.

One of the more downtempo tracks featured, ‘Sidewalk Spirits’ has a mystical yet dark presence to it with it’s apparent thought-out ranges in depth. ‘Spades and Arrows’ has an ambiance that is forgiving on the ears and leaves you with the slightest goosebumps. Lastly, ‘Afterlife’ ends the album with a quaint, soft goodbye. Slow and enchanting, it generates only the feel of pure satisfaction for the ability to have been able to hear such a soul-driven and illusionary album.

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