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Ask and you shall receive.
During this season of miracles, I tend to dream big. I pitched the idea to mashup a new album review
with an interview and my hope of a listening party with my cat to my friends at MHSM, and in no time it
came true with our friend CatParty himself.
CatParty gave us the best gift of all. New music… about cats.
This extended EP utilizes 6 songs and a bunch of friends to pull off a concept album about a cat that
parties with aliens. I feel like this complex combination of EDM and a storyline is something missing
from the scene these days. Track mixes are prevalent on platforms so listening to this album “in order”
to complete a story with beginning middle end is refreshing. This album is a culmination of work put in
all last year. He explains that he sat on Snickelfritz, remastered it, and wanted to put it out, which
actually jump started the story, and this concept album. He expected a release for September but after
being flagged for copyright on the release of the single, he decided to add more songs for the “long EP”
we were listening to today.
In summary, he explains that the cat on his cat planet decides to leave with some space aliens but
ultimately returns home. Informally, it’s a mission for space drugs. We hit a freshly packed bowl, his
custom CatParty Pax adorned with a laser etched cat, and I hit play.


The music and his presence is inspiring. There’s an energy in his voice as he begins to talk about the first song which highlights his friend Taylor Evans, the guitarist on the track. It’s slappy with a funk bassline, reminiscent of Russ Liquid at first. He takes the comment as a huge compliment stating that anyone who can set off “a 12 minute jazz song between their sets”. He continues that he and Taylor have been friends since their high school band. The song is slow and smooth. The two collaborate using Splice, a music sharing technology. Essentially a Dropbox for sound. He attributes great communication when apart and “recording for 3 days straight” when together to the songs success.

The next song secretly strips the guitar and transitions seamlessly as the cat “crash lands into the alien planet”. The sounds of a sublanguage glitch through this alien song is exaggerated in the titles chopped song named “Sat Tell Lites”. He recalls sampling the words “you look like a bitch” which is unrecognizable through the spacey kick drum. I get a get low grimey Griz flow from the song as it trails. 

The next songs vibes fully illuminate the cat smoking some “alien treat”. The first single released off the album features Nook, a rapper, who could definitely be mistaken as a sampling of some Biggie. CatParty was able to play live with him at Okeechobee where he crushed a freestyle and decided they would be making this first track together. The tempo is slow burning as the title, a “dream like a Biggie song”, saucey, with a nice drop. When I point it out he explains it’s “for the kids”. It channels Pretty Lights electronic hip hop energy, who is one of CatParty’s biggest musical inspirations.

While loving life in Colorado after just 2 years here, CatParty defines his sound by where he’s come from. He reminisces about listening to “This Song is Sick while in Florida”, during the birth of “CatParty”, but still vibing music that embodied what he now calls “Colorado swag”. He talks about his time before he left New Jersey where his roommates exposed him to mixtapes of old Sound Tribe. He grew up on disco and funk as his parents are jazz musicians. His love for organic sounds with soulful vocals and live instruments is easily heard in this album. He plays not only guitar and bass but has played piano since he was four years old. A classically trained, scene kid who came from playing Warped Tour, was set up for successes at the stages of Sonic Bloom during his first “festival set”. We are both rambling off Bloom memories and agree in the appreciation of how Colorado has accepted us with open arms, even before we called it our home.

Now, he says, Colorado is the place, where you can “prove your worth.” The next song “Sly” featuring MHSMs very own Sonx is an example of this these mile high collaborations. Coming from the music scene of Florida we share stories of seeing Greenhouse Lounge at 1904 in Jacksonville. Big Gigantic opening at a half empty Backbooth on a St. Patrick’s Day in Orlando was his first EDM show in 2009 after a roommate said it was going to change everything and “it did”. Many of these tight circles of musicians and fans alike now relocating to Colorado. We go hard and pull it off. An attitude of “this is me, lets jam”.   Having given birth to this album this year, he tells me that the balls rolling for more and he’s incredibly happy with the results. Same here!, as I hope to hear more of this sounds. KatatonX coming 2020! Tell your friends.

Cloud Walkin plays and CatParty explains that this song wasn’t supposed to be on the album but really did finish the project. With Taylor featured again on guitar he announces this is his personal favorite song, and is not even ashamed to say it. I ask if we should plan to hear it, and he tells me he’s already mashing it up. Bring on the Remix!

We finish up the album talking about how much he always appreciated sharing music in blogs. That it’s how he’s discovered so many of his favorite artists, tracks, and mixtapes. He explains that music was never part of a business for him, and I can totally agree.  He just “wants it out there”. He promises it always will, and there will “always be a free link”. I look forward to see where he’s at in 2020, and let him know “I’ll be there”. Support your local artist by buying a ticket, smashing that like button, sharing the link.

Sadly we can’t rage with space aliens all day, and in both the album and in reality the cat must go home and the party must end. Until next time, when the cat-venture continues, it was great to listen to some incredible new music with the man himself, CatParty. 

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