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Boulder Based Trio, Spectacle, Releases ‘LUCI’ EP

The Boulder based trio, Spectacle, has caught our eye this year. With a unique and original sound, they blend in quite well with a Colorado sound that we have began to enjoy. The first got on our radar when they supported Lucid Vision & Skydyed at the Bluebird Theatre in Denver, earlier this January. Since then, they have performed various shows at Cervantes’ and it has been fun watching this group grow musically. We wanted to help this growing band spread their music a bit, so we hope you enjoy the music and you can read some quotes from the band below.

” The EP title, ‘LUCI’, meaning light in Italian, is a concept EP that’s purpose was to shed light on a new type of EDM performance that includes orchestral instruments. For the EP we used a diverse array of exotic sounding timbres/textures, we even had some marimba and steel drums spread throughout. When it was all said and done each song had close to 100 tracks. It was a real fun recording process and I am really happy with the end product.” – Michael (Producer)

“I really challenged myself to learn Ableton, so that I could develop lush pads, and starry piano melodies over the LUCI EP. Now in addition to violin, I can fill different layers of the music adding a more electronic element to our live sound! Also I develop a deeper understanding of the music when I play multiple instruments, I feel like I am driving the music and not just putting icing on the top”- Jessica Borth (Violinist)

“For the ‘LUCI’ EP we stepped up our game and recorded horns with Ethan Harris (Trombone) and Drew Jostad (Trumpet). Both of these guys studied at UCD, a hugely talented pool of great musicians! They brought this EP to a whole new level of party, and we plan to use them in our halloween show on October 28th at Ophelia’s. DON’T MISS IT!!!”- Rob Brandon (Percussionist)

If you enjoy the tunes, be sure to look out for future shows featuring Spectacle as well as their upcoming performance at Arise Music Festival, after just being added.


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